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John Blade Wiederspan

1609 Sunset Road
Lincoln, NE 68506, U.S.A.
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Phone: 402-770-8462

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My works are what they are.  They should appeal to the Visual.  The pieces are non-representational, best described minimalist.  The elements should come together so it is an aesthetic pleasure to simply look at a piece.  Composition, form, simplicity, the interplay of angles/planes are the important requirements.  They are small scale so elements can be combined in ways that would be difficult to impossible on a large scale.  Small pieces can be placed and moved as one chooses.  Main influences: Mies Van der Rohe, Franz Kline, John Coltrane.  Highest compliment received: "I like it and I don't know why". 

Haydon Gallery, Juried Artist Fellows Exhibition, Spring 2009..  Solo Show: "Blade; Sculptures and Photographs" Screen Ink Gallery, July 2009..  Juried Haydon Gallery, "Objects of Desire" Exhibition, 2009..  Haydon Gallery, Juried Artist Fellows Exhibition, Spring 2010..  "2D-3D" Ryan/Wiederspan Show, Screen Ink Gallery, December 2010..  Selected: ACE (Artists Council Exhibition) 2011, Palm Springs Art Museum..  A to Z Printing Ink/Steel Exhibition Summer 2011.  Solo show: "STEEL: Plated, Painted Plain"  A to Z Printing May 2014.

Private collections: AZ, CO, NY, CA, NE , OH, IA    Corp. Collection: Blankenship Bldg, Denver, CO