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Conrad Levenson

668 Hunns Lake Road
Millbrook, NY 12581, U.S.A.
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Phone: (917) 656-5153

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Salvaging scrap materials and obsolete objects, I recompose and repurpose them as works of art. I often combine previously unrelated elements, in new and unexpected ways, and incorporate geometric and anthropomorphic forms, often in balance and motion. 

My sculptures evoke the former times, places, lives, unique character and embedded energy of their sources materials. I tell their stories, as I explore and mediate the essential relationship between their form and content. 

My sculptures range in size from the intimate to large-scale installations. They vary in height from several inches to fifteen feet and weigh a few ounces up to thousands of pounds. Displayed, indoors and out, often in spaces and settings of my own design, my sculptures connect people, visually and emotionally, to the natural and built environments. 

My home and studio are located in a rural community in New York’s Hudson Valley. It is a place that provides both inspiration and access to discarded and decaying artifacts, weathered and rusted, ripe for transformation. The property includes a two-acre garden with structures and landscape that are populated with my sculptures, unusual artifacts and found objects. 

My sculptures and commissioned works are included in private collections, galleries and outdoor public art venues. I have exhibited, throughout the region. with the Sculptors Guild on Governors Island; the Sculpture Expos in Red Hook, New York; the Studio 80 Sculpture Grounds, Old Lyme, Connecticut; the Red Devon, Bangall, New York; the Ice House on the Hudson, Poughkeepsie, New York; the McDaris Gallery, Hudson, New York; the Highland Falls Sculpture Walk, Highland Falls, New York;  and the Meredith Sculpture Walk, Meredith, New Hampshire.