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Conrad Levenson

668 Hunns Lake Road
Rhinebeck, NY 12581, U.S.A.
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Phone: (917) 656-5153

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I am an architect, sculptor and avid collector/recycler of unusual artifacts, found objects and scrap materials.

I have a studio and sculpture garden in the Hudson River Valley Town of Stanford, New York.  It is a largely rural area with a history and culture which value work and the tools of labor – a place that provides me both creative inspiration and access to materials ripe for transformation.  I make extensive use of these resources in my artwork, striving to identify and interpret their unique history, character and spirit.

I continue the tradition of those artists who chose to work with scraps and discards – exploring and appreciating their potential for visual experimentation and expression.  I have also been influenced by those largely anonymous artists – in this and other cultures – who created utilitarian and ceremonial objects of great beauty and spiritual power. 

My work is not characterized by any preconceived “style” – rather I subscribe to the old Zen maxim:  Do not seek to follow in the footsteps of the masters seek what they sought.

I bring to the creative process my own unique blend of seriousness of purpose and sense of irony and playfulness.  I strive not simply to make beautiful objects but to have the viewers experience both the meaning and spirit of each work by inspiring them to think and laugh at the same time.