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Vasko Vassilev

345 7th St., Fairview
none, 07022, Venezuela
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Phone: 201-398-8326

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Date of birth: 16 November 1961, Sofia

Education and certificates:

1985 – 1991 Studied and graduated Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Sofia
1976 – 1980 Secondary education completed the Technical School of Stonework and
construction of Lining Materials in the village of Kunino, Vratsa.


Since 2009 International Sculpture Center, Hamilton, NJ 08619
Since 2007 Guild of Creative Art, 620 Broad Street Shrewsbury NJ 07702
Since 1994 Admitted as full member of the Union of Bulgarian Artists (UBA), Sculpture

Exhibitions and Symposiums:

2008 New Exhibiting and New Associate Members, Guild of Creative Art, 620 Broad Street, Route 35, Shrewsbury, NJ 07702
2007 Exhibition in the “Kimberly K. Gallery”, 225 Closter Deck Rd., NJ 07624
Twelfth individual exhibition in Consulate General of The Republic of Bulgaria- NYC
Eleventh individual exhibition in the Lafayette Grill, NYC
Tenth individual exhibition in Sunrise, Edgewater NJ
Ninth individual exhibition Sculpture in The Curb Arts Space, NY USA
2006 Universal Artistic Exhibition Sculpture “Shipka 6”, Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
2005 International symposium, Taya, Hungary;
Sculpture Symposium in Sozopol, Bulgaria
2002 “The garden of paradise” UAE /Universal Artistic Exhibition/, “Gallery Am Ratswall”, Landkreis, Bitterfeld, Germany; 2nd International symposium of sculpture
“The garden of paradise”, Кrosik, Germany
Eight individual exhibition “Messages from the mental world” at The National Parliament, Sofia, Bulgaria
2001 Seventh individual exhibition “Messages III–Sky–Earth” at the “May” Gallery, Sliven, Bulgaria
International symposium, Taya, Hungary
2000 International symposium, Surdzokpushpoky, Hungary;
Sixth individual exhibition “Romany Culture” at the “Nadejda” in Capital Library, Sofia, Bulgaria
Fifth individual exhibition “Sculpture” at hall 4 “Dom na tehnikata”, January, Sofia, Bulgaria
1999 Fourth individual exhibition “Drawings” at the “Military Club” Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
1997 Third individual exhibition “Messages II” at the “Michail Kamberov” Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
1996 International sculpture symposium “Marble and sounds”, Arandjelovac, Serbia, Serbia
Participation in the Third international competition of arts with drawings and sculptures
in “Н-Painting and sculpture ” category / 2nd Prize /, in Lanciano, Italy;
Art installation /happening/ devoted to “Five years Central Balkan”, wood and metal, South Park, Sofia, Bulgaria;
Second individual exhibition “Messages”, paintings and sculptures at “Artos” Gallery in Sofia, Bulgaria;
1994 First individual exhibition at the “Bonart” Gallery in Sofia, Bulgaria
Since 1983 Regular participation in National Art Exhibitions and Art Galleries
1980 – 1985 Worked as stonecutter at the factory for Monumental Plastic Art in Sofia