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Julie Joy Saypoff

Brooklyn, NY 11249, U.S.A.
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Julie Saypoff - Artist Statement

        As an abstract sculptor, my goal is to enable the viewer to visualize a specific emotional energy based on the gesture of a piece. My sculptures speak visually of feeling, rather than facade. They portray an internal honesty and the animal instinct within, as opposed to an often false, external surface. I believe that the energy of emotion, though invisible, can be seen through gesture and through the use of positive and negative space. I prefer to work abstractly so that the viewer can focus on the inner voice of the piece.   Because my sculptures represent a raw emotion or a fleeting moment, I often work spontaneously and intuitively.

     It is my belief that fine art is a universal language that can be appreciated by anyone who is patient enough to ponder it and that by understanding basic human nature, we can better understand both ourselves and others. It is a language without words that can be seen as well as felt and can be visually interpreted throughout the world.