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Henry Richardson

300 central park west 1a
New York, NY 10024, U.S.A.
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Phone: 917 4567267

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While the sound of breaking glass calls to mind the image of destruction, I use fractured glass as an element of creation. Wielding traditional tools of sculpture in combination with recent technological innovations in bonding glass, I create sculptures that are recognizable in form but whose materials create an unexpected tension with the viewer.


In spite of the large scale of many of my works, the sculptures feel light, their heaviness visually reduced by the translucency of the glass. Because the chiseled glass both refracts and reflects light, the sculpture's radiance and mood are constantly changing in response to the surrounding light. The subtle animation of light invites contemplation, like a fire, or clouds, or bodies of water. Each work, at times has a crystalline or ice-like quality, imparting a sense of both timelessness and impermanence. I see this contradiction as a reflection of our human condition.

While the public's response to my work is varied, any have found metaphors of regeneration in my work. It reminds us that we all experience trauma and emotional distress, yet we are constantly rebuilding ourselves, making ourselves whole again. It is thorough those cracks in our beings that so often the inner light shines brightest.


I am a Board Member of the International Sculpture Center, a member of the Royal British Society of Sculptors and a board member of the Needmor Fund. I live in Manhattan with my wife and three sons.

Schooling includes: Haverford College, Stanford University, Scattergood Friends School.