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Denis Yanashot

1649 Sanderson Avenue
Scranton, PA 18509, U.S.A.
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                                                          Artistic Statement
     Since my first experimentation with painting composition in college the creation of unusual arrangements of elements within the picture plane always interested me. In those days the combination of human and animal forms along with the juxtaposition of particular features inherent to their nature produced improbable visual expressions.
     Three-dimensionally, I am still interested in the juxtaposition of features or elements of representational subject matter. However, I am no longer interested in the literal interpretation of these forms, nor of their completeness.
     In my stone sculpture I prefer using stone of minimal grain and color. I hope that the viewer of my work will enjoy more the form created as a result of carving over the natural color of the stone itself. Color and grain can enhance the aesthetics of a stone sculpture but it should not become the focal point of the piece.
     When carving stone my intent is to create an interesting interplay of form and light on the surface contours and undercuts of my sculpture. I believe that an interesting combination of strong and subtle shadow values contribute to the overall power of the sculptural form that emerges during the carving process.
     I enjoy employing some representation in my stone sculpture along with a twist of abstraction and non-objectivity.
     I am intrigued by similarities of human and plant forms. My compositions can consist of the blending or morphing of antithetical components. Plant matter can morph into human form and human form to plant form conversely.
     I try to produce directional movement and unity throughout my pieces by altering the organic forms within them. I employ the opposing constituents of human/plant combinations in such a way that they may blend together, pierce, surround, or wind around each other to unify the separate volumes of mass within the composition.
     With the medium of stone I intend to create physical connections between disparate forms in nature. With the raw material of stone I am trying to communicate the similarities of form between objects in the world and ideas within my creative consciousness.