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Anssi Taulu

Pyhäjärventie 97
none, Hämeenlinn, Venezuela
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Phone: +358 45 6756128

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In sculpting I’m interested in creating dreamlike spaces.
I think art is drawing a line between logical and unlogical landscape. In my creative moments memories, feelings and experiences of space and places meet each other, like in a dream.
By searching our common history and following today’s phenomenon, I usually found interesting combinations, which I want to make into three-dimensional form.
Latest sculptures are series of different kind of Wasp Factorie  and the space is called “Europe –white dream”. The great inspirer has been Max Ernst and his work “Europe after rain”.
In most of my sculptures I have been studying human behaviour in the structures of society. And it’s reflection into surroundings. Wasps are fascinating allegory to human society.
In my sculptures the relationship between idea and material is very important. I use recycled material, ready mades, wood and chalk.
1991-94                                    Kankaanpää Visual Art school, sculptor
1993/2                                       Tallinn University of Visual Art
1985-88                                    Petäjävesi Arts and Crafts School, Building artesan
2015                                          Galerie Toolbox, Berlin, Germany
2012                                          Gallery Becker, Jyvädkylä
2009                                          GalleryKONE, Hämeenlinna
2009                                          Arthall of Porvoo
2007                                          Gallery Sculptor, Helsinki
2004                                          Gable Gallery, Helsinki
2003                                          Goethe-Institut, Helsinki
2003                                          Gallery BE’19, Helsinki
2001                                          Promenadi Gallery, Hyvinkää
1997                                          Gallery Ripustus, Hämeenlinna
1996                                          Keuruu Art Museum
1994                                          Rantagallery, Turku
2012                                          City in me, Gallery Kipinä, Lahti
2010                                          Edinburgh Festival of Art
2009                                          Materia 09, Landfill symposium, Lohja
2009                                           Staffas, Porvoo
2009                                          Hämeenlinna Art Museum
2008, 2009                               Gallery Rantakasarmi, Helsinki
2008                                          “have a seat”, Neumünster, Germany
2006                                          Iron 2006” Iron Bridge Gorge Museums, Ironbridge, England      
2004, 2005, 2006                      NordArt , Büdelsdorf, Germany
2005                                            Turku Biennial, Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova, Turku
2005                                            ”Random play”, BaneGården, Aabenraa, Denmark
2004                                            Gewerbepark, Lauenau, Germany
2004                                             Materia, Keuruu Art Museum
2003                                            “Elgen”, Telemark, Fylkesgallery, Notodden, Norway
2002                                            “Machtproben”, Tuttlingen, Germany   
1993-2001                                 Several group exhibitions
2007         Award of good construction. artists Olli Jalonen, Anssi Taulu and Olli Larjo  housing fair area of environmental art  Red sun design and implementation.
2007         Union of Finnish Art Associations, Voipaala-medal
Top, 2015, Sculpture Park, Utica, New York, USA
Two public sculptures in Hämeenlinna Black sun (2007) and Red sun (2007)together whit sculptor Olli Larjo and author, art professor Olli Jalonen.
Totem at children’s playground in Kankaanpää.
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