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Deanna Pindell

Port Hadlock, WA , U.S.A.
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Public art and installation sculpture with an ecological focus. Pindell’s work serves environmental functions such as raising awareness and actual remediation. Place-making and poetic metaphor are also layered into these spaces.

 Public Art and Installation Sculpture

2011 Carry Murray Nature Center, Leakin Park, Baltimore, MD                                                                              Nature Art in the Park   Doug Retzler, curator                                                                                               2009-2013 (in progress)  Jefferson County Irondale Beach Park                                                                           Slow Art at Otter Crick                                                                                                                             2010  Fort Worden State Park,    Port Townsend, WA                                                                                         Transient Gift Analemma  Sundial                                                                                                           2010    Webster’s Woods Outdoor Sculpture Park. Port Angeles Fine Art Center, WA.                                             Squiggle Salal                                                                                                                                             2010   Fort Worden State Park,    Port Townsend, WA                                                                                               Poetry For Salal

2009    Fort Worden State Park, Port Townsend, WA
        Drip Line Drawing 1:  Fallen Brothers   temporary public art
2008     Port Angeles Fine Art Center’s Webster’s Woods
         Juncture permanent public work
2007     Port Angeles Fine Art Center’s Webster’s Woods
        Dreaming Tree with Meditation Bench,   (public art outdoors)
1991    Fuller-Ellwood Gallery      Seattle, WA
         True Directions Installation Collaboration    Frank Video, lead artist
1989    ArtSpring Festival      Seattle, WA                   
           Enchanted Tunnel Installation with Workshop
1988    911 Gallery      Seattle, WA   
        Disposable Wisdom Tunnel Installation Collaboration
1986    University of Washington      Seattle, WA
         Public Installation Sculptures   (several temporary, indoor and outdoor)

Solo Shows

2010  Ok Hotel Gallery Seattle WA
    61 Mortal Decisions     Eric Swangstu, curator                                                                                               2009      Moses Lake Museum                   Moses Lake, WA
2004 - 2009 (annually) Collective Visions Gallery    Bremerton, WA

Selected Juried and Invitational
2009    Bioneers Conference    San Rafeal, CA
        From Classroom to Community        Beverly Naidus, Sharon Siskin, jurors
    Port Angeles Fine Art Center      Port Angeles, WA
        Strait Art 2009 Juried              Jake Seniuk, juror
2008     Collective Visions Gallery      Bremerton, WA
        CVG show 2008  Juried              Susan Parke, juror
    Port Angeles Fine Art Center      Port Angeles, WA
        Strait Art 2008 Juried              Jake Seniuk, juror
2007    Port Angeles Fine Art Center      Port Angeles, WA
        Strait Art 2007 Juried              Jake Seniuk, juror
    Northwind Arts Center      Port Townsend, WA      
        Figure of Speech Invitational          Deanna Pindell, curator
    Northwind Arts Center      Port Townsend, WA
        Vessels     Juried                  Eric Swangstu, juror
2006     Northwind Arts Center      Port Townsend, WA    
         Earth. Air, Fire, and Water Juried       Jake Seniuk, juror
    Northwind Arts Center      Port Townsend, WA
        Small Expressions V Juried           Micheal McCollum, juror
2005     Northwind Arts Center          Port Townsend, WA                
             Small Expressions IV Juried           Cheryl Hahn, juror   
    Gallery Utsalady Bay      Camano Island, WA       
        Unclad 2005 Juried                Gayle Picken, juror
2004        Northwind Arts Center          Port Townsend, WA
        Figuratively Speaking Juried           Dan Adams, Alan Newberg, jurors
2003    Port Townsend Arts Commission      Port Townsend, WA       
           5th Annual Juried                  Greg Bell, juror   
    Northwest Pastel Society      Seattle, WA        
        17th International Juried               Richard McDaniel,  juror
1998    COCA, with Pratt Fine Arts Center      Seattle, WA   
           Pratt Invitational

Grants, Awards, and Honors

2009    Professional Development Grant            Olympic College
2008     Funds For Excellence Grant                Olympic College Foundation
2006     Merit Award  -  Sequim Arts, Sequim WA,        30th  Int. Juried Exhibit
1983     First place (three categories) - Cache Gallery, Fairbanks AK. University Students Annual Exhibit

Selected Professional Experience:
2007-ongoing    Faculty            Olympic College,     Bremerton, WA
                    Art Department   
2007          Curator             Northwind Arts Center     Port Townsend, WA
                    “Figures of Speech”  Invitational Exhibit
2004, 2007-09     Board Member       Collective Visions Gallery     Bremerton, WA
2003 - 2006    Workshop Instructor       multiple venues   

Related Theatrical Experience
2000-2001    Theatrical Scenic Artist
            Seattle Opera,  Seattle, WA        
            Langston Hughes Cultural Center;  Kevin Krist, designer, Seattle, WA
            Bruce Jackson Designs,  Seattle, WA
1994-2000    Seattle Opera     Setbuilder,  Stage Technician
1988-1992      Metaphonics      Performance Art Group, Scenic Design, Sculpture
                     multiple venues including Bumbershoot, COCA, “Shredder Orpheus” (feature film)

2011        Goddard College,     Port Townsend, WA     MFA-IA
2008         EDGE  program, Artist Trust
1999-2005      Gage Academy            Seattle, WA          Post-Baccalaureate
1997        Internatioonal Assoc. of Theatrical and Stage Employees
1986           University of Washington   Seattle, WA         B.F.A.

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