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Victor Nelson

2100 Lincoln Street
Evanston, IL 60201, U.S.A.
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Phone: 847-328-4618     Fax: 847-328-2084

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My artistic interest has always been in the visual arts.  As a child I loved to draw.  High school art classes intensified in drawing, painting and sculpture.  This early start headed me toward my Fine Art education at Drake University where I became more interested in three-dimentional work, primarily sculpture.  A career in architecture has kept my interest in the three-dimensional world alive.

My body of work in sculpture consists of conremporary, abstract pieces inspired mostly by geometric and architectural forms combined in various relationships to each other.  I am particurlarly interested in the positive and negative spaces created by sculptural objests and strive to make the viewer aware of how they change when seen from all sides.

Early on the pieces were either wood or plaster.  More recently my focus and preference has shifted to steel and copper, either welded or mechanically assembled.  I am drawn to metals because of the way they can be manipulated and shaped.  To me, metals have quality of structural permanence.

Finishes are generally patinated.