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Hiroyuki Miyazono

, 8995214
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 I believe that natural shape and order are brought by using the intrinsic shapes that materials originally have, making the inwardness of a sculpture display. Also, I respect organic forms and minimalism, and am pursing the tangibleness in terms of shape or texture.

It leads to an installation when the round surface or the curves of a sculpture interact with a space where it is placed. I always try to create a place composed of mass of the materials and the relationship with the surroundings while making the most of the original shape of materials. I set a standard of creating a sculpture that it can give you a feeling of relationship between human and human or human and nature or with others, and whose surface is touchable and made of intrinsic materials as much as possible.

Making a sculpture to me is an action to create a space composed of a concept and materials to realize a touchable shape. Cubic expression goes back to the times long before letters were created and used by human beings and I would point out that it is a collaboration brought by interactions between human and environment or nature. Due to a more variety of materials or expression method, I have understood the definition of sculpture in a wider range: not only a singular body or space but also cases triggered by commitments to others should include in it. It is not creating a body to be put in a space but creating a space itself for a body to exist. That is my style of making a sculpture.


1961        Born in Hyogo / Lives in Kagoshima, Japan

1987-89  Lecturer, Art and Design Section, Evelyn Hone College, Zambia

1989, 98 The 23rd, 31st Modern Fine Arts Selection by Cultural Affairs Agency, Japan

1993        The Monument installed at Kuala Lumpur Japanese School, Malaysia

1997    Fine Work Prize: Chernobyl Memorial Art Competition

1998        The 17th Exhibition of Yasuda Fine Art Foundation Prize, Tokyo

1998        The 1st Taro Okamoto Award for Contemporary Art, Tokyo

1999        Second Prize: The 6th Biennial Exhibition of Arts in Makurazaki

2004        Civilian Award: Exhibition of Contemporary Sculpture in Hyuga

2008-09  Scholarship: Overseas Study Program for Artists, London, Milan