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Christian Bolt

Monbielerstrasse 212
Zurich, 7250 Klost, Switzerland
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Phone: ++41 81 422 42 42

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Curriculum Vitae
Christian Bolt, artist
Monbielerstr. 212
7250 Klosters
T +41 (0)81 422 42 42
M +41 (0)79 715 43 83
3. Nov. 1972                  born in Uster, Zuerich
1988 - 1992                  Colledge for wood carving in Brienz BE
1994 - 1996                  Stays abroad in U.S.A and Germany
1997 - 1999                   Study of fine arts at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Carrara (I), Student of Professor Ballochi
1999 - 2001                   Study of fine art at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Florenz (I), Diploma
                                   Student of Professor Antonio di Tommaso
2009                             Artist in Residenz in the polnish Center of Sculptor in Oronsko (P)
                                    Curated by the Swiss Museum Art St. Urban
Professional Experience
2001 - 2003                  Free-lance artist in Zuerich (CH)
2001 - 2003                  Guest lecturer of the Swiss Association for Sculptors
Since Dec. 2003           Free-lance artist in Klosters (CH)
1998                                       PISA (Italy)
                              Exposition of the Art Accademy Carrara
1999                                       RICHTERSWIL (Switzerland)
                              Group Exposition in the Art Gallery Scheidegger
2000                                       FLORENZ (Italy)
                              Group Exposition of the “Groupo Donatello”
2001                                       SCHINDELLEGI (Switzerland)
                              Individual Exposition in the Designer Center DCS
2002                                       KLOSTERS (Switzerland)
                              Individual Exposition in the Gallery 63
2003                                       ZUERICH (Switzerland)
                              Individual Exposition in the Gallery Claudine Hohl
2003                             LANGENTHAL (Switzerland)
                              Individual Exposition at the Design Center Langenthal
2004                                       ZUG (Switzerland)
                              Individual Exposition in the Gallery Zur Muenz
2005                                       ZUERICH (Switzerland)
                              Individual Exposition in the Gallery Claudine Hohl
2005                                       ZUERICH (Switzerland)
                              Individual Exposition at Zingg-Lamprecht furniture store
2005                                       MANNHEIM (Germany)
                              Individual Expostion in ABB
2006                                       ZUERICH (Switzerland)
                              National Art Exposition Sculpturart 06
2007                                       ZUERICH (Switzerland)
                              Individual Exposition in the Gallery Claudine Hohl
2008                             ST.URBAN (Switzerland)
                                    Exposition in Art St.Urban
2009                             ZUERICH (Switzerland)
                              Individual Exposition in the Gallery Claudine Hohl
2009                             VENICE (Italy)
                                    International Art Exposition OPEN 12
2010                             BERN (Switzerland)
                                    Exposition in the Galley Rigassi
2010                             MONACO (Monaco)
                                    Individual Exposition in the Yacht Club of Monaco
2010                             ZUERICH (Switzerland)
                                    International Art Faire ZUERICH 10
Public Projects
2001                                       ZUERICH
                                    Signalization of road works for the Bord of Civil Engineering Zuerich
2004                                       ZUERICH
                                    Art for the building of the Old Age Home Zuerich, Oerlikon
2004                                       KLOSTERS
                                    Project “SteinhART” in cooperation with Klosters Tourism
2005                                       ST. ANTOENIEN / PRAETIGAU
                                    Action “Let the sheep grase”
2006                                       DAVOS
                                    Action “Let the sheep grase”
2007                                       ST.MORITZ
                              Action “Let the sheep grase”
2008                                       TROGEN
                              Action “Let the sheep grase”
2009                                       Radio GRISCHA
                              Action “Let the sheep grase”
2010                             ZUERICH Lighthouse Hospiz
                                    Action “Let the sheep grase”
2001                             International Sculptors Symposium in Tollo by Rom (Italy)
2001                             National Sculptors Symposium on the Alp Flix (Kanton Graubuenden)
2002                             International Sculptors Symposium in Oberkirch (Germany)
2005                             International Sculptors Symposium in Davos (Kanton Graubuenden)