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Bob Sapora

825 Holliday Lane
Westminster, MD 21157, U.S.A.
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Phone: 410 848 8724

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         I work deep inside the silence and solitude of my studio and my work satisfies me the most when I've been so far from rational thought that speaking seems strange and trivial and fruitless.  I eschew descriptive titles for the pieces: I yearn to attain a childlike spatial being that evades the conceptual traps of language altogether.

         So, my artist's statement, a verbal thing, invites you to a place I've found beyond the verbal, in a space free of metric dimension and linear time, where the stuff of the world takes on shape beyond the shape of mundain knowledge.  I strive to share joyously in the shaping of this free space.  Whether or not I succeed in this cause in some communicable way is for you, not me, to decide.