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Stephen H. Kawai

7780 Marquette Street
Montreal, Quebec H2E 2E6, Canada
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Phone: 514 929 3936

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MOBILE: “A structure made of several balanced parts, often of metal wire, the parts capable of independent motion when in contact with air currents or a mechanical force.”

This particular use of a word more commonly employed as an adjective was proposed by Duchamps, in reference to Calder’s hanging constructs. I think the notion of being suspended could easily be added to the above definition which has grown to encompass soothing distractors of babies and mass-produced volume-fill for adults. I make mobiles (as well as mobile-based installations). In my eyes, they are celebrations of the objects they contain and much of the joy in creating them is a certain control in arranging objects in three dimensions. Many have the impression that creating a mobile is an exact science involving precise weighing and calculation. Nothing could be further from the truth. They sometimes turn out more or less as planned and, in other instances, unforeseen realities necessitate constant reassessment.  At times, they are the products of pure improvisation. All mobiles are visual manifestations of gravity. Gravity is oxygen to a mobile. They are proof that the world is round.