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Christina Murphy

1757 N. Hoyne
Chicago, IL 60647, U.S.A.
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Phone: 773-216-7614

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Over the course of her 30+ year career, Tina has practiced many medium including watercolor, charcoal and ceramics. As long as she remembers, she has had her hands in clay! Since the mid-90s, her primary area of expertise has been classical and modern sculpture of the human figure.

In an effort to stay updated with the most current trends and techniques, Tina has taken a range of classes, participated in many seminars, and accepted a number of apprenticeships through the progress of her career. She has also been a member of a variety of prestigious guilds in the Chicagoland area. 

Tina has owned and operated her own studio since 1978. Currently, her efforts have been focused on managing her gallery in the historic Flat Iron Arts Building, teaching private and group sculpture classes, and working on commissioned pieces.

Along with the members of her gallery and students in her classes, Tina strives to keep the creative joy of art alive by embracing the needs of customers, community, and friends.

“I am still amazed at the fact that something as basic as clay from our earth, with time and patience, can be formed into works of art; art that is beautiful, unique and full of life! My goal is to bring that beauty into each sculpture; one piece at a time.”

Complete resume and references available upon request.