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Helene Rochette

2149 boulevard Laurier
Quebec City, Quebec G1T 1B8, Canada
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 Statement of artistic activities – March 2011




My creation work develops the characteristics of the playful and of the poetic. The material are principally transformed by folding or by laminating several surfaces. In my sculptural work, I exploit the ambiguity produced by the proximity and the synthesis of known forms. I am principally inspired by the organic forms.

I orient my work in the way of the simplification and the formal stylization. My sculptural projects combine the most often the flatness of the drawing to the three-dimensional side of the sculpture in the act of modelling the plan to the form. In my in-situ works, the site becomes the motor to the project.

Since several years, a large part of my creation work was developed and related to a production of monumental public art commissions. Throughout diversified contexts, I had refined a formal and a material approach by using the actual knowhow of industrial technology such as metal laser cutting, folding and curving plate as 20 feet long, etc…


In that recent monumental creations, sculptural installations, sculptures and relief, I used mechanical apparent systems of assemblage. This desire gesture take part of the formal aesthetic and contribute to the meaning of the object in his context.