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Helene Rochette

650 rue de la Salle #102
Quebec City, Quebec G1K 2V3, Canada
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The processes of simplification and formal stylization orient all of my artwork. I create poetic and playful imagery by exploiting the ambiguity produced by the relation and the synthesis of organic shapes, materials and colors. I’m concerned about the verity of things (Webster: the real facts about something: the things that are true: the quality or state of being true /from Latin veritat-, veritas, from verus true), it makes me explore and exploit the physical and chemical properties of materials and medium. I favor certain modes of density systems to echo the need of surproduction of our current society which weakens more and more the global environmentIn sculpture, I use current industrial expertise and techniques, combined with artisan knowledge to create innovative shapes and finishes. These new combinations of form and surface lead to works that invite a sense of discovery.


Hélène Rochette has been active in the visual arts scene of Quebec for more than thirty-five years. As well as her individual artistic practice, she presently teach sculpture for the graduating students at the MMAQ : Maison des Métiers d'Art de Québec.


Recepient of grants from the Quebec Art Council and the Canada Council for the arts, she has presented her work in numerous solo and group exhibitions. She presented public art installations during the Montréal Art Souterrain Event 2012-2013 : Burrows, other territories and The Cloud.  

In december 2017 she was invited in China to participate at the 2ndIdiorrythmic Chinese and Canadian Artists Exchange where she presented Be part of new large size sculpture that invites to take part in the landscape, to take a careful look at nature and the global environment by re-entering individually as an active part in the whole cycle of life.


She competed in Quebec and in Canada and she has already created more than twenty-five public art commissions all around the province of Quebec. In December 2017, she will install Connectivity at the Ottawa University. Her well-known project for the Montmorency Subway, four monumental suspended sculptures called: Les fluides installed in 2007, can be watchedon the web at:élène%20rochette


In 2013, she was awarded the “Prix à l’Art Public” Art Commission Prize, from Les Mérites d’Architecture of Quebec City, for his sculptural installation: All along installed at the Des Rivières Quebec City Hall. In 2015, she inaugurated her new project: The Zig Zag, an outdoor sculpture for The Place Viau Mall, a new acquisition from the group First Capital Reality Asset Management. During 2018 and 2019 she will realize and install two new public artworks: The Bird watchman in Beauport, and Movements and Destinies for the Rimouski provincial Courthouse.