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Tonya Hart


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 My art explores nature as muse; as source of inspiration, manipulation and transformation. Nature has long held title of muse for artists, philosophers and scientists alike who have amassed a history of thought, experiment and expression in pursuit of knowledge and understanding of the natural world. In our age of intense environmental awareness, our knowledge and perception of nature continues to change, and subsequently how we frame our questions and interpretations of nature. Accordingly, I am interested in the evolving views of nature and discovering the material means of translating the interrelationships that bind nature. 

My exhibition history follows an adventuous track to include sculpture competitions, tours, installations, performances, group and solo exhibitions. I work in both two and three dimensions in minuscule to monumental proportions in whatever media I need. Upcoming, I am commissioned by the city of Toronto, Canada to create a sculpture installation for Nuit Blanche: "a free all-night contemproary art event" taking place October 1, 2011. For more information, please visit my website