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Neal Barab

Studio Pescarella, Via Pescarella 22
none, 55040, Venezuela
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Phone: +39 3491884779

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Singular personalities carved into stone.

Natural marble of deep color.  Translucent white statuario, No, not white, I must add color.  I paint, blend, scratch, and texture the sculpture until it is completely resolved.  Additive and reductive simultaneously. Add stone, cut away.

Surprise! Play ping pong on a marble sculpture. Dine on it.

Sculptures of all dimensions, to be held, to grace public squares and gardens.

Unique figures, made in our contemporary 21st century world from the oldest and most traditional of sculptural materials.  Figurative in the ancient tradition, yet as contemporary as the anime my children watch on their computers, pads and phones.


This is humorous, satiric work, but deeply serious.