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John Merigian

Ann Arbor, MI , U.S.A.
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Phone: 734-812-4405

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Brief Biography
John Merigian grew up in the inner city of Detroit, MI. In the midst of a dangerous and hostile world, where violence and threats were a part of daily life, he began creating sculpture in response. He was awarded a full scholarship to attend the highly acclaimed Cranbrook High School, in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, located on the same grounds as the Cranbrook Academy of Art. During his senior year he took course work at the Academy, where he studied with sculptor Michael Hall. His education in art continued at the University of Michigan where he earned a BFA. He holds a Master’s degree in sculpture from Wayne State University in Detroit, MI. Merigian's work has been exhibited extensively in national and regional shows, is represented in galleries, and is in private collections around the nation.
Artist Statement
Merigian’s work reflects a continued interest in the relationships and connections people share with others. It centers on the human figure as a means to express internal and external relationships and realities. Merigian's work ranges from reflective and contemplative to lightly humorous.  Often his installations involve multiple figures, with the space and placement of the figures being thoughtfully choreographed. In their minimalism and simplicity the figures are accessible to all viewers. Their complexity lies in the relationships that emerge with the space, lines, silhouettes, shadows, and light. The changing lighting conditions of a site are as much a consideration to Merigian as are the obvious expressions he creates with the use of figures. He is highly interested in site specific sculpture. This can be seen starting with “Let Us Rejoice” in 1980, to more recent works “Plaza Promenade” 2009, and “A Four Phrase Movement” 2010. In 2011 Merigian permanently installed two separate monumental sculptures. “A Time to Rejoice” is 37 feet tall and was installed at the K&M Fabrication headquarters in Cassopolis, MI.  “Be Still and Know IV” is 32 feet tall, and was installed on 9/10/11 in Lacks Park, Grand Rapids MI.