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Diana Carulli


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Diana Carulli introduced labyrinths to New York City public spaces in December 1999, at Union Square Park. The positive response to her work has encouraged her to pursue ways to create more awareness of these ancient patterns. Her Labyrinths have been installed in numerous sites throughout New York City, elsewhere in the U.S., and in Italy and Finland. Within Labyrinths the pedestrian is encouraged to move differently while passers-by continue on their way, decide to join in, or simply pause to witness. Theatre is conjured in an unexpected place.  Carulli roots her work in the fact of collective energy. Enabling this energy increases art's power to affect the actual world.


In addition to Public Installations, Carulli works in sculpture, video installation, photography, and book art. Carulli, a native New Yorker, is based in her West Village apartment and sculpture studio in Garrison, New York where many of her large-scale steel works are displayed.


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