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Jessica Witte


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Artist Statement

        My birdseed doilies are a record of labor. They celebrate maintenance. The forms are created in an improvisational way, using generic geometric forms and alluding to delicate handiwork, mandalas, and kolams.  As some daily activities lapse into chaos or fade without our attentions, the drawings serve as a reminder of a brief fixing of the transitory.  Gallery visitors activate the work by walking across it, altering the configuration, and dispersing the protected interior installation by the handful.  The responsibility for removing the work during the run of the show falls into the hands of those who enter the space.  The exterior works feed wildlife, insects and are carried by wind and rain.  The visual and literal disintegration of the works is not a statement of futility, but a reference to the acceptance of the porous architecture of our own bodies and the beauty in use and entropy. 


Jessica Witte

Jessica Witte is a nationally-exhibited, award-winning artist, originating from Omaha, Nebraska.   Her work has been exhibited throughout the Midwest at museums and art organizations.  Her installation, sculpture, and drawing explore control and allude to fixing the transitory.  Jessica has been an arts administrator and educator for several years and is currently an art instructor at several venues in St. Louis, her new home.