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Andreas von Huene

P.O.Box 401
none, 04579, Venezuela
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Phone: (207) 442-8145

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Andreas von Huene
P.O. Box 401, Woolwich, Maine 04579   (207) 442-8145
            ¨ VIRGINIA- granite and bronze monument, Phippsburg, Maine 2010
            ¨ To the Other Side- granite stele for Folsom Hall,
                University of Maine Presque Isle, 2010 
            ¨ Star and Moon – Pine and granite benches for Bath, Maine   2007
            ¨ Maine State Seal- granite bas-relief for Penobscot Narrows Bridge,
                Bucksport, Maine 2007
            ¨ Compass Rose- bronze and granite inlay for Penobscot Narrows Bridge,
                Bucksport, Maine 20007
            ¨ Wyoming Evocation (with Joe Hemes et al) First Phase of construction:
                 Full-scale historical evocation, of the largest wooden sailing vessel ever.
                Maine Maritime Museum, Bath, Maine. 2006
            ¨ Asio Flammeus- monumental Gabbro and Granite owl Wells Elementary School,
               Wells, Maine 2005 
            ¨ Plow for the Wind- quartzite, stainless steel, and Dawn Redwood bench
              University College of Bangor, Bangor, Maine 2004
            ¨ Flying Carpet- polished quartzite and granite bench,
               Eastern Maine Community College, Bangor, Maine 2004
            ¨ Salmones Salari- White and black granite fountain with blue granite fish
              Lowell Street Park, Cambridge, Massachusetts 2004 
            ¨ Wave- granite, cedar, and stainless-steel mesh wave bench 
                 Southern Maine Community College, South Portland, Maine 2003
            ¨ Plateau- granite bas-reliefs of river, mountain, and cloud patterns.
                 Leavitt Area High School courtyard, Turner, Maine 2002
            ¨ Metamorphoses – granite and wood seating oval with granite and
                 polished metal sculptures adjacent to the entrance of
                 Mount Ararat Middle School, Topsham, Maine 2002
            ¨ Strong Flows The River, Quiet Moves The Stream -water, granite,
                marble, and Walnut landscapes.
                Waterfall -granite waterfall. For indoor public areas of Mid Coast Hospital,
                 Brunswick, Maine 2001
            ¨ Raven, Salamander, Trout, Observer, Bench, and Tiger- sculptures
                 in wood and granite for Jay Middle School, Jay, Maine 2001
            ¨ Love from Ruth -pink granite abstracted bird as a memorial bench for
                 Patten Free Library, Bath, Main 2000
            ¨ Tiger -granite Tiger- Gardiner Area High School, Gardiner, Maine 1999
            ¨ Salmo Salar -full-scale granite Salmon trio for Edmunds Consolidated School,
                Dennysville, Maine 1998
            ¨ Pegasus -full-scale mirror-polished aluminum winged horse for the
                Corinna Elementary School, Corinna, Maine 1998
            ¨ Life finds a way -carved and polished granite megalith and seating for
                Rogers Hall, University of Maine, Orono Campus 1997     
            ¨ Into the Arch of the Sky -suspended, full-sized polychrome wood
                figure and Heron for Wayne Elementary School, Wayne, Maine 1997
            ¨ Esker Moraine -carved stone and wood sequence of benches for the
                Miller Elementary School, Waldoboro, Maine 1995
            ¨ Sea Garden -carved stone, wood, and metal outdoor bench for the
                Maine Department of Marine Resources Aquarium, West Boothbay, Maine 1994
            ¨ Brewer Centennial Monument -(with Carole Hanson) sculpted landforms,
                terracing, and carved megaliths as a riverside park, Brewer, Maine 1994
            ¨ Open Mind -earth art with boulders, carved stone seats, and trees.
                Troy A. Howard Middle School, Belfast, Maine 1994
                                                                                                Andreas von Huene page 2
            ¨ Odyssey -hanging steel, wood, and carved stone sculpture in the
                Riverview Community School hallway, Gardiner, Maine 1994
            ¨ Heritage Club -carved wood and brass plaque Bath, Maine YMCA 1993
            ¨ Inspiring Discovering -(with Carole Hanson) landscape, carved boulders
                and fitted wooden benches, Swan's Island School, Swan's Island ,Maine 1991
Studio art               
¨ Dory and Wave –marble and stone             ¨ Elsie (ship) –granite, stone
¨ Herons -granite, bronze, elm                        ¨ Bird asleep -quartzite
¨ Snapping turtle -granite                                 ¨ Weathervane -mahogany
¨ Rabbit Weathercarrot -aluminum                ¨ Salamander -granite
¨ Pyramid -aluminum                                        ¨ Piggy -aluminum
¨ Bench -granite, wood, aniline dye                ¨ Coats of arms -granite
¨ Wind Goddess doorstep -granite                 ¨ Brink (Kestrel)-granite        
¨ Zenith (Hawk)–granite, stainless steel       ¨ Pursuit (Eagles)–quartzite
¨ Stepping Out –granite, stainless steel        ¨ Owl-granite/gabbro
¨ Bison-gneiss/granite                                      ¨ Snow Hare- granite
¨ Raven-granite                                                   ¨ Spotted Owl-granite
¨ Junco-granite/gabbro                                      ¨ Snowy Owl- Feldspar
¨ Falcon- Feldspar                                              ¨ Hawk-Feldspar
¨ Black Eagle-Basalt                                          ¨ Great Gray Owl-granite
¨ Zephyr-gabbro                                                  ¨ Screech Owl-granite
¨ Skimmer-granite.St-St.                                   ¨ Rock Sole-Feldspar
¨ Resting Bird-quartzite                                     ¨ Nightjar-Basalt, Aluminum
¨ Water in the Sky-granite                                 ¨ Pull of the Moon-granite
¨ Night Skimmer-Feldspar, Gabbro               ¨ Short-eared Owl-gabbro
¨ O! Gabbro, O.! Stainless Steel                     ¨ Boreal Owl-granite
¨ Owl on the Wing- granite                               ¨ Forward-granite      
¨ Threshold to a Glorious Day-granite           ¨ Seal - Quartzite
¨ Tryptich-granite and stainless steel            ¨ Rift Valley- granite fountain                        
¨ Untitled Figure- granite                                  ¨ Khamsin- granite
¨ Bull-basalt                                                        ¨ Cloud Roller-quartzite
¨ Drive- Automotive sculpture in Quartzite, Basalt, stainless steel, wood
¨ 4-8-4 (Locomotive) Quartzite, stainless steel, glass
¨ White House Christmas Ornaments: Seguin Lighthouse, Puffin
¨ JC Stone Sculpture Symposium 2010 and 2011
¨ Turtle Gallery/Granite Sculpture-Three from Maine 2011
¨ Penobscot Marine Museum/ Art of the Boat 2011
¨ June LaCombe/ Sculpture 2004-2011
¨ Harbor Square Gallery 2008-2011
¨ Midtown Payson Galleries/Going Going Gone! 2010
    A Survey of Water as Subject 2009
¨ Chocolate Church/Three Realities 2008
¨ Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens/June LaCombe: Touchstones 2005
¨ University of New England
    Sculpture Garden Invitational 2004, 2008,2009,2011
¨ Mast Cove Galleries 1997, 1998
¨ Round Top Center For The Arts
Exhibition Sculpture 95   Outdoors at Round Top                                                                 
                                                                                                Andreas von Huene page 3
Design, engineering, and project management of renovations to
William Zorach’s Spirit of the Sea, Bath, Maine 2005
Member of the Exhibit Design Committee, Children's Museum of Maine.  
Designed, drafted, and presented water features for a sports club. 
Assisted in the design and presentation of waterscapes and water features
for a shopping center, medical center, water park, and residences.
Assisted in the design of renaissance and baroque recorders.
Designed and constructed own home and studio.
Designed landscapes for the Carleton House, Wiscasset, Maine.                                                                                                                                      
Engineered special effects features for a major theme park, WET Design .
Implemented and assessed Artificial Intelligence projects, Ford Motor Co.
Designed and constructed a CNC production wood lathe and a harpsichord
jack tonque making machine, Woods of Bradford, England 
Engineered and constructed contour broaching machines for recorder
windways,von Huene Workshop and Woods of Bradford, England
Installed, maintained, overhauled and troubleshot Heavy-duty Gas turbines
 in refineries, power plants, and industry worldwide, General Electric Co.
Engineered fountains for residences, parks, and a hospital.
Stanford University: M.S. Engineering (Product Design) 1988
National Outdoor Leadership School 1980
General Electric Field Engineering Development Center 1979
Worcester Polytechnic Institute: B.S. Mechanical Engineering 1978
Taught sculpture to High School and Middle School students of
 Mid-Coast Regional Arts, Brunswick, Maine
 Co-taught art design at The Artisans School, Rockport, Maine.
Teaching assistant in engineering and design, Stanford University
Conducted gas turbine technology training for General Electric Co.
Worcester Polytechnic Institute Ichabod Washburn Award 1993
Maine Arts Commission Individual Artist Fellowship 1991
International Sculpture Center
National Sculpture Society
American Society of Mechanical Engineers  
Incredible Maine television program, “Granite Tamer” December 17, 2011
The Times Record “All hail to a shipbuilding gem”by Clara Bolduc 6.19.2006
Maine Sunday Telegram “Ship sculpture an awesome piece of work”
by Bob Keyes 6.18.2006
The Times Record “Maine Maritime Museum to christen “evocation” of famed
Wyoming schooner” by Bob Kalish 6.16-17-18.2006
The Times Record “Homage To Maine’s Maritime Past” by Paul Cunningham 4.27.2006
Portland Press Herald “A “spectacular” tribute” by Dennis Hoey 11.29.2005
The Coastal Journal “The Zorach Legacy” by Gina Hamilton 8.4.2005
The Times Record “Spirit of the Sea” by Jane Morse, David Swearingen et al 8.4.2005
The Times Record “Marriage of sculpture and nature” 3.25, 2005
Portland Press Herald “A schooner lost at sea, and recreated on land”
by Meredith Goad 11.24.2003
                                                                                                Andreas von Huene page 4
The Times Record “New Hospital gets winning marks” by Elizabeth Dorsey 2.5.2003
The Times Record “Bath council passes zoning change for schooner sculpture”
by Christopher Cousins 12.19.2002
Soundings “Schooner Wyoming to rise again in Maine” by David Liscio 12.2002
The Boston Globe “Looking shipshape” by Richard Higgins 6.2.2001
The Times Record “A milestone in health care” by Elizabeth Dorsey 12.3.2001
The Times Record “Wyoming to rise again on Bath’s waterfront” by Jonathan White 12.14.2000
Portland Press Herald “Huge ship replica planned in Bath” by Jonathan White 12.14.2000
The Times Record “In memory of Ruth Scribner Rich” by Paul Cunningham 10.23.2000
The Times Record “Art fills student’s needs” by Sarah Holt 10.12.2000
The Times Record “Mid Coast Hospital uses art to create healing environment”
by Doug Hubley 9.28.2000
The Kennebec Journal “Ferocious feline guards GAHS” by Keith Edwards 11.17.1999                  
The Kennebec Journal “Ferocious feline guards GAHS” by Keith Edwards 11.17.1999
The Times Record “Pulling together his talents” by Doug Hubley 9.2.1999
Wiscasset Newspaper “Local Sculptor Chips Away At Children’s Inhibitions”
by AAron Miller 1998
Middlesex News “Artists share views for downtown park”by J.K. Dineen 9.12.1998
Middlesex News “Artists chip away at choice for sculpture” by Gene Johnson 8.17.1998
Bangor Daily News “Corinna school opens doors for Greek equine”
by Brenda Seekins 6.22.1998
The Kennebec Journal, “12 ton tiger will crown Gardiner high school”
by Keith Edwards 8.23.1997
The Lincoln County News “Arrowsic sculptor completes Miller School commission”
by Art Mayers 9.21.1995
The Lincoln County News “Round Top sculpture exhibit “stunning”
by Betty Ensign 7.13.1995
Bangor Daily News “Stone monoliths become works of art in
Brewer” By David N. Walsh 8.23.1994
The Times Record “Trees in Brass” by Paul Cunningham 6.2.1994
The Times Record: Arts briefs : “Local artists win awards” 2.13.1992
The Bar Harbor Times “Granite sculpture sparks debate”
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