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Jin Lee

Annapolis, MD 21140, U.S.A.
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Phone: 443-994-0481

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In the Iron Presse series, wood and metal elements are forcefully wedged between thick steel plates to express tension and stress. These states are indicative of being forced into repressive environments and my strong desire to affect change.
    The thick plates, resistant to change when worked cold, involuntarily curve due to the hammering in of the interior elements creating intense pressure. During the act of creating these sculptures, my personal exertions become analogous to the emotional and psychological friction experienced by those attempting to challenge the status quo. The performance of the work is the embodiment of both the oppressor and the repressed.
    Each of the sculptures represents a different transitional phase during the process of evolving from subjugation to liberation; they are static moments in an otherwise active process. Due to the precarious stance of the structure, the weight of the materials, and the concentrated pressure achieved through the wedging process, there is a constant flux of danger and dynamic tension throughout the entire procedure.