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Carly Scoufos


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While my earlier studio practice dealt with the material translation of abstract

and fleeting moments within natural and fluid phenomena, subsequent works

have focused on bridging elements of the mechanistic and industrial to the

organic and natural patterns of growth and decay. The woven technique I

utilise has associations with traditional textile processes such as needlework,

lace making and knitting, in which single strands of fibre are interwoven to

create structure and define space. Within my work however the 'fibre' or

'thread' used is fencing wire and its properties are untraditionally rigid, sharp

and unforgiving, therefore juxtaposing the femininity of domestic techniques

and the notion of the ‘handmade’ to the use of industrial materials. I am also

interested in the notions of part to whole and incorporating this within my

practice to create a perceptual pull between two-dimensional sculpture and

three-dimensional drawing.