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Ronald Balser

3475 Lenox Rd NE, Ste 970
Atlanta, GA 30326, U.S.A.
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Phone: 678-553-8598     Fax: 1-866-784-1798

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Ron Balser has been writing truisms and poetry for over 30 years.  These writings and derivative concepts are integrated into his art.  Most of his truisms have been accepted and awarded copyrights by the LIbrary of Congress as unique and original.

Balser is driven by the search to unite wisdom of though with beauty of form.

Well known and respected gallery owner and art consultant, Fay Gold, said this of his work:

"Balser, throughout his previous career was concerned with visual investigation of written language.  He studied mainstream systems of information and programmed writing.  He now links aphorisms of his life lessons and longer declaration of universal truths into his art.  His work ranges from digital signs (LED-light emitting diodes) to glass and granite engraved sculptures, many taking the form of granite benches.  His range of wise statements was inspired by personal observation, the texts of philosophical theorists and impassioned leaders.  The emerging result is that the truth is relative and that each viewer must become an active participant in determining what is possible and what is not...phrases become hauntingly sinuous as he memorializes them into glass and stone.  His work demands viewers to look, think, read again.  His language takes on new permanence as it echoes ancient wisdom.  Balser turns cliches in on themselves for his own purpose...Balser's art is poetic prose..."

Balser's works can be found in public institutions and private residences across the United States.  Examples of institutional collections include the following:

Georgia Aquarium, Atlanta, GA; Emory University, Atlanta, GA; Wharton School of University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA; Naples Botanical Garden, Naples, FL; C'MON Children's Museum of Naples, Naples, FL; Anti-Defamation League National Headquarters, New York, NY; Breman Jewish Home, Atlanta, GA; Naples Museum Collector's Corner, Naples, FL; Staglin Family Vineyards, Rutherford, CA; The Temple, Atlanta, GA; and Naples Community Hospital North, Naples, FL.

Ron had his first art education as a child, learning from "Scottie", a wall artist with Dwoskin Wall Covering in his native Atlanta, Georgia.  His formal art studies began at University of Pennsylvania as a student of Professor David M. of the seminal textbook, ART IN THE WESTERN WORLD.  His pratical education continued throughout his college years when he was befriended by the world renowned art dealer, Heinz Berggruen, of Paris, France.  His friendship and interaction with Berggruen continued from 1969-1982.

In addition, as an Art Collector Ron studied and bought French Art Nouveau art glass and Tiffany him insight into the character and possibilities of glass as an art form.  Early conversations about glass and interactions with Dale Chihully and visits to the Pilchuck Art School, Stanwood, WA, furthered his education in the workings of glass.  Continued conversations and meetings with Ferd Hampton, owner of Habatat Galleries, also advanced his glass education, as have attendance at various SOFA (Sculptural Objects and Functional Art) and related art shows.

Ron Balser began his own foray as an artist in 2000.  Since then, he has studied his trade with Brook Bolton, engineer and granite expert of Roberts-Shields, Marietta, GA; Rezac Lhotsky, Glass fabricator, Czech Republic; Richard Mole, Glass fabricator, Santa Fe, NM; Laird Hovland, wax mold specialists, Santa Fe, NM.

He has been mentored by Charles Miner, Tesuque Glass Works, Tesuque, NM and Jesus Moroles, granite sculptor, Rockport, TX.  His friendships with Lucy Lyon, Judy Chicago, Charles Miner, Jesus Moroles and Richard Jolley have continued to expand his knowledge of working in glass and granite.

His photography, a life-long passion, and LED programming is self-taught.  His work in sepia tone photography was expanded while working with Alissa Marquis of f-22, Santa Fe, NM.

He has had shows in 2007 and 2008 at Fay Gold Gallery in Atlanta, GA;  in 2009 at SOFA West in Santa Fe, NM and in 2009 at Altermann Galleries in Santa Fe, NM.