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Moira Purver


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Moira's sculptures are cast mainly in bronze resin, but several of them have also now been cast in bronze. 

Although she specialises in the human form she has also done some animal sculptures including a llife size family of Roe Deer, based on the animals that often frequent her garden in Dorset. 

She has also done several dance related sculptures with, to date, 3 flamenco sculptures and 1 of a couple dancing the Argentine Tango.  Her most recent flamenco sculpture "Power of the Dance" was the result of working with the flamenco dancer Ester Tal of Mi Flamenco.  It was exciting to work directly wtih a dancer and the power and strength jof Ester's dancing could not fail to inspire the sculpture.  She is currently working on another flamenco sculpture inspired by Ester.

Moira has exhibited annually, since 2009 at the Society of Women Artist's Annual Exhibition in the Mall Galleries in London.  She received the American Square Conference Centre Award for her sculpture "Male Torso" at the 2010 exhibition and was elected as an Associate Member (ASWA) in 2011. 

Moira also exhibited in the Mall Galleries in 2009 as part of the exhibition "Art Liberating Lives"

Moira exhibits in galleries in Dorset, Devon and Somerset and in exhibitions in the South of England.