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Daniel Krause

Black Bridge Art Community, Hia Qiao Yi Shu Cun
Beijing, 91361-1753, China
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Phone: (011)86-13910210842

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Daniel M. Krause



1964      Born: Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.

1976      Family moves to Los Angles, California

1987      Enrolls at the University of California, San Diego, 1982-1987

Bachelor of Art, majors in Visual Arts (Studio Sculpture) and Microbiology. 

            Studies under Italo Scanga, Allan Kaprow, Helen Mayer and Newton Harrison,

Manny Farber, Eleanor and David Antin.       

1987      Moves to Beijing, China

1988      Enrolls at the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, Guangzhou, China, Master of Fine Art, Sculpture 1988-1993

            Studies under Liang Ming Cheng and Pan He.

1990      Moves to Tokyo, Japan for 1 year.

1991      U.S. Consulate Guangzhou, Press and Culture USIS 1991-1995

1995      American International School, Guangzhou, 1995-2000

2006      Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, Sculpture Dept.  2006-2011 Teaches Contemporary

Metal Fabrication, Contemporary Western Sculpture Theory, and 20th Century Sculpture History

2008      Selected to run with Olympic torch, Guangzhou City, China

2011      Family and studio move to Beijing

2012      People’s University of China, Xu Bei Hong College of Arts, first non-Chinese professor to enter their university staff.


Solo Exhibits, Group Exhibits, and Projects: 


2012     “The Balancing Act” Zee Stone Gallery, Hong Kong

2011     The Engineer and Welcome, two 5 meter tall sculptures for Excellence Century Center, Shenzhen, China

2011     Collaborated on “Life Evolving”, 12 meter, tall sculpture for Eli Lilly’s headquarter, Indianapolis, USA

2011     “China on the Move”, EMG Art Center, Guangzhou, China

2010     “Xiao Zhou Art Exhibition”, Xiao Zhou, China

2010     “Contemporary Gold”, Wilber’s Gallery, Guangzhou, China

2009     “Guangzhou Chinese and Western Contemporary Art”, Guangzhou, China

2009      2 year 50 figure sculpture project for the Church of Scientology, Flag Mecca building, Clearwater Florida, USA

2009     “Contemporary Gold”, Wood Gallery, Guangzhou, China 

2008     “Karakul”, Guangzhou’s Contemporary Arts Festival, Guangzhou, China

2008     “China on the Move”, King Art Gallery, Guangzhou, China

2008     “F518 Art Space Opening Exhibition”, Shi Jing, China

2008     “Pan He Sculpture Garden Opening Exhibition”, Guangzhou, China

2008     “Transformation Reconstruction, First Guangdong Sculpture Exhibition”, Guangzhou, China

2007     “Karakul”, Guangzhou's Contemporary Arts Festival, Guangzhou, China

2007     “China on the Move”, Zee-Stone Gallery, Hong Kong, China

2007     “China on the Move”, De Shan Art Space, Bei Jing, China

2007     “China on the Move”, 20 Years of Chinese Reforms and Development, Fei Gallery, Guangzhou, China

2007     “Essence of Asia: Eastern Influence on Western Art”, Asian Fusion Gallery, Asian Cultural Center Manhattan, New York

2007     “The First Teacher’s Art Work Biennale”, College of Modeling Arts Guangzhou

Academy of Fine Arts, University City Art Museum, Guangzhou, China 

2006     “Loft 345”, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts University City Art Museum, Guangzhou, China “345”

2006     “Karakul”, The Orange Gallery, Guangzhou, China

2006     “Li Fang and Daniel”, Loft 345, Guangzhou

2006     “First Sound Invitational”, First Sound Gallery, Beijing, China

2006     “Shanghai Art Expo 2006”, Yb2 Gallery at the Shanghai Exhibition Center, China

2006     “China On The Move”, Zee-Stone Gallery, Hong Kong

2005     “Connections”, Guangdong Museum of Art, Guangzhou, China




Guangdong Museum of Art, Guangzhou, China

University City Art Museum, Guangzhou, China

Church of Scientology, Clearwater, Florida, USA

Excellence Century Group, Shenzhen, China

OTC Over Seas Chinese Developers, Shenzhen, China

Times Development Corp.  Guangzhou, China

Cyberport Management Company, Hong Kong

De Shan Art Space, Mr. Kao Yunqi, Beijing, China.