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David Phillips

Phone: 540-520-4677

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Having grown up in Roanoke VA, David  was infused with the spirit of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains and mother nature's bounty.  From the age of 14, he started working with his father in landscape designs nd nursery plants.  His exposure to plants as an art form was the beginning of his desire to design.  Leaving SW VA to gain employment, he joined the US Navy.  As a career officer, he traveled extensively throughout the world where he saw many ancient and modern works.  On retiring from the service, he turned back to his muse - Art. 

His work has evolved from many different facets.  He has worked in virtually all applications of art - ceramics, photography, jewelry, painting, and sculpture. While working for his Master's degree in Art as a graduate assistant to the Art Department at Radford University he became well versed in many different media. He has built ceramic kilns, poured bronze and used salvaged wood beams in his sculpture.  His sculpture is directed to collectors who would like to have art shown in interior spaces and are usually designed to be displayed on a credenza, desk or entry way. 

Many of his works carry visual metaphors which allude to, or carry the viewer not only into the obvious but also into the psychological and spiritual world.  He strives to transcend narrative content and to imply universally understood feelings and situations.  In the last 100 years, artists have been exploring broader imagery beyond realism and are able to portray many expressive meanings and deeper insights.  Many artists have used figurative expressionism - Picasso, de Kooning annd Henry Moore (just to name a few).  From these artists and their comrades we have been granted the latitude to explore beyond the surface of life's experiences.  Today, a gnarled image may express violence or internal struggle while a female image can reflect the warmth of motherhood, intellectualism, or the allure of beauty.  Colors woven into a canvas or laid in layers may reveal the depth of life''s joy or emotional turmoil.  Many people are cognizant of spiritual links to our world and art can provide a glimpse or a deeper understanding of the world around us..  Art is now free to delve into spiritual expressionism or psychological representation. 

David's paintings are available for viewing at

Recent shows:

2011  Art Walk, ArtsHub, Orlando FL (monthly venues)

2011  Orlando Arts Center (Top Ten Orlando Artists)

2011  Nude Night Orlando FL

2011 Planet Beach Gallery, Baldwin Park, Orlando FL

2010 Nude Night Orlando FL

2010  Art Walk, ArtsHub, Orlando FL (monthly venues)

2010 Annual Member Show, Maitland Arts Center, Maitland FL

2010 Red Chair Affair, Orlando FL

2009 Gallery at Avalon, 5th Annual Juried Show, Orlando FL

2009 Sculpture Fest, Maitland Art Center, Maitland FL

2009  Contemporary Fine Art Gallery, Orlando FL

2009  Guinevere's , Gallery at Avalon, Orlando FL

2008  Anything Counts, Van Arsdale Gallery, Orlando FL

2008  Guinevere's, Gallery at Avalon, Orlando FL

2008 Brick and Fire Art Expo, Orlando FL

2007  Fringe Festival, Orlando FL

2005  Summer and Fall Art Shows, Orlando Visual Art League, Orlando FL

2005 Muse Art Happening, Drayton Inn, Jacksonville FL

2004 Muse Art Happening, Drayton Inn, Jacksonville FL

2003  Jacksonville Visual Arts Show, Jacksonville FL

2002  Jacksonville Visual Arts Show, Jacksonville FL