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Beverly Stucker Precious

1504 N Park Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46202, U.S.A.
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Phone: 317.631.6560     Fax: 317.632.8387

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B.F.A. in sculpture & painting, Herron School of Art / Indiana University


     Indianapolis, Indiana





International Sculpture Center, Professional Member


Chicago Sculpture International, Professional Member




University of Connecticut School of Nursing, Storrs, CT, Exterior Sculpture Finalist - 2012


University of Connecticut Health Center, Farmington, CT, Exterior Sculpture Finalist - 2011


City of Middleton, Wisconsin, Parmenter Roundabout Exterior Sculpture Finalist - 2010


Parx Casino, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Exterior Sculpture Finalist - 2009



Justison Landing Riverfront, Wilmington, Delaware, Sculpture Competition Winning 


     Finalist - 2008



Cuyahoga Community College, Cleveland, Ohio, Percent for Art Competition Finalist - 2008



City of Burbank, CA, Five Points Project, Exterior Sculpture Competition Finalist - 2007



City of Overland Park, Kansas, Exterior Sculpture Competition Finalist - 2006



Life Sciences Center, University of Missouri, Columbia, Sculpture Competition Finalist - 2006



City of Evanston, Illinois, Sculpture Competition Finalist - 2005



Town of Superior, Colorado, Sculpture Competition Finalist - 2002



Eli Lilly & Co., Indianapolis, Indiana, Sculpture Competition Finalist - 2002



Bradley International Airport, Hartford, Connecticut, Sculpture Competition Finalist - 2002



Wisconsin Department of Revenue, Madison, Wisconsin, Percent for Art Finalist - 2001



Norwood Development Company, Colorado Springs, Colorado, Sculpture Finalist - 2001



Federal General Services Administration Courthouse Project, Percent for Art Finalist,


     London, Kentucky - 2001



Chugiak High School, Anchorage, Alaska, Percent for Art Competition Finalist - 2001



Festival Walk Complex, Swire Pacific, Ltd., Hong Kong, China, Sculpture Finalist - 1999



State Laboratory of Hygiene, Madison, Wisconsin, Percent for Art Finalist - 1999



American Institute of Architects Design Award, Merrill Lynch, Denver, Colorado - 1998



Wright State University, Dayton, Ohio, Percent for Art competition Finalist - 1997



Dane County Convention Center, Madison, Wisconsin, Percent for Art Finalist - 1995



Indiana Energy, Inc. Corporate Headquarters, Indianapolis, IN, Competition Finalist - 1991





Chicago Sculpture International, Group Sculpture exhibition, Cliff Dwellers Art Club,


     Chicago, Illinois - 2005 





Arts Council of Indianapolis, the 1991 ARTI Awards sculptures



Indiana Arts Commission, the 1989 Indiana Governor’s Arts Award sculptures



The Honorable Robert D. Orr, Indiana Governor and Ambassador to Singapore, 


     presentation sculptures for government officials in Germany and China







Private Sculpture Garden, Christel DeHaan Estate, Indianapolis, IN, “SKY CURRENT” - 2012


Mercer Island Estate of Paul Allen (Microsoft co-founder), Seattle, Washington - 1995




Rush-Copley Medical Center, Cancer Care Center, Aurora, IL, “RADIANT HOPE” - 2012


Merrill Lynch, Hopewell, New Jersey, two wall of glass - 2001



Nestle’ Research & Development Center, Inc., New Milford, Connecticut, “CHARTING 


     THE PATH”, an interior sculpture - 1998



Merrill Lynch, Denver, Colorado, a three story wall of glass - 1998



Nestle’ Research & Development Center, Inc., Marysville, Ohio, “UNIVERSAL LIGHT”, an


     interior sculpture - 1996





City of Cary, North Carolina, “WINDPLOW”, an exterior sculpture - 2007



Minnestrista Cultural Center, Inc., Muncie, IN, “CATALYST”, an exterior sculpture - 2004



University of Indianapolis, Indianapolis, Indiana, “UNIVERSAL CONTINUUM”, an exterior


     sculpture - 2002



Miami University, Middletown Campus, Middletown, Ohio, “LIGHT RAPIDS”, an exterior


     sculpture - 2001



University of Wisconsin, Chemistry Building, Madison, Wisconsin, “LIGHT SPECTRA”, 


     a suspended atrium sculpture - 2001



Charlotte County Courthouse, Punta Gorda, Florida, “BALANCE OF EVIDENCE”, a wall-


     relief sculpture - 2000



Lansing Community College, Lansing, Michigan, “EMERGING LIGHT”, a suspended


     atrium sculpture - 1997



McClain Sports Center, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin, “PLAYING FIELDS


     I & II”, two wall-relief sculptures - 1997



Monroe County Public Library, Bloomington, Indiana, “EN-LIT’n-MENT”, a wall-relief


     sculpture - 1996



Evanston Public Library, Evanston, Illinois, “FOR ENDLESS TREES”, wall of glass - 1994



Central Ohio Technical College / Ohio State University, Newark, Ohio, “WINDWARD”, a


     suspended atrium sculpture - 1994



Columbus State Community College, Columbus, Ohio, “LIGHT SAILS”, an exterior


     sculpture - 1993 






Dichroic glass, a subtle, vibrant and ever-changing medium of light and reflections, is the unifying element in my large-scale, site-specific sculpture. It is kiln-fired and fused to a safe thickness and incorporated into works of stainless steel, aluminum and stone to create pieces that are both durable and low maintenance. The reflective surface of the glass changes color with the angle of the light and the perspective of the viewer resulting in a panorama of color which is reflected and transmitted onto the surroundings, integrating the sculpture with its environment and offering a new visual experience with each viewing. This unique characteristic provides the major theme of my work - illustrating the inevitability of change.


My experience includes many public art sculptures and corporate art projects over the last 26 years. I am experienced in large projects and enjoy the challenge of design and attention to detail. Site requirements and safety issues are always considered. Each sculpture is designed to relate to specifically to the function and activities of the site. The intent of each design is to intrigue the viewer and provide a timeless, vibrant and enduring piece of contemporary art.