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Dina Torrans

475 Dovercourt Road
Toronto, Ontario M6H 2W3, Canada
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Phone: 416-466-4066

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 Dina Torrans has been working as a sculptor and multimedia artist for over 25 years.
Her award winning sculptures, paintings, and photographs have been exhibited in many solo and group exhibitions; her work is included in many private and public collections internationally.

She graduated with honours from the Art Centre of Central Technical School in Toronto, where she subsequently worked as an instructor and technician in the Printmaking and Sculpture departments in Continuing Education for 10 years. She has been a Visiting Artist and Instructor at numerous workshops and seminars at, among others, the McMichael Gallery and the Toronto Board of Education. Torrans completed specialized studies at the Ontario College of Art and Design in the early 90s. 


Her work evokes a dream-like playfulness exploring what it means to be alive. Always optimistic, forceful, and full of joy, Torrans’ imagery points to ideas about our shared human belief systems, environmental consciousness, personal and planetary evolution, and our ultimate interconnectedness. “I have found that in exploring the creative process, my work reflects various ideas and developments in my personal mythology. It continues to inspire me to action and to dialoguing about our evolving world and times. It is one of my most valuable teachers.” Torrans’ works is reflexive about her creative practice, and the tensions between Nature and human environments.