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Victoria Fuller

Chicago, IL 60622, U.S.A.
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Victoria's public sculpture can be found in Seattle, WA (Global Garden Shovel), St Louis, MO ( 2 sculpture : Shoe of Shoes, and I want), and in Lincolnwood, IL Sculpture Park (Directing Traffic). Her sculpture, (Canoe Fan) is temporarily installed at Gallup Park in Ann Arbor, MI.

Artist Statement

As an artist, nature intrigues me. Throughout my career, common objects have served as both medium and mode of communication. By removing everyday items from their intended function and re-appropriated them for sculpture, I reveal environmental motifs. Whisk Ball and Safety Star mirror shapes like radiolaria, seed pods, or dandelion seed heads. Knob Job and the Power Box resembles a virus with its base akin to cellular structure. The form of my sculpture, Canoe Fan, made from 9 aluminum canoes, is similar to a water lily flower unfolding, peacock or turkey feathers spreading, the sun on the horizon, and a Native American headdress. It also connects people to the canoe as a watercraft used by Native Americans and settlers, alike, as a means for transportation and travel, and presently for recreation, an apropos subject for a sculpture along a river front park.

Another body of my work delves more deeply into nature, inspired by natural history museum displays, dioramas, and biology book illustrations. These works explore organic systems impacted by man’s activity through a more literal interpretation, directly illustrating both nature’s abundance and the effects of mankind’s interference. Different, yet interconnected, my nature-related work is intended to coexist beside my object-related work with each informing the other.