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Janet Austin

2400 Harrison St
Evanston, IL 60201, U.S.A.
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Janet Austin's sculptural work imitates and represents natural forms – plants, larvae, insects – with the intention of giving artistic representation to underrepresented members of the natural order. She believes that invasive and unappealing species are unfairly vilified, and that, without human cultural context and anthropomorphization, the animals cannot be hated. They are, instead, creatures of astounding beauty whose success is due to the uniqueness of their lifestyles.  “My sculptures of large creatures are immediately appealing, fun and approachable. They also address the unnecessary disgust and fear of nature. Toads are icky; the grackle, a despised bird with an annoying call, steals the eggs of more beloved songbirds. Why do we poison wasps responsible for pollination? What is the cost to the environment? Why do we feel the need as humans to control nature? This work brings to light the importance of biodiversity and the irresponsible application of pesticides in our environment." 

Work is located throughout the United States public, outdoor work is site specific, designed to reflect the location by using images of conceptual, natural or historical inspiration.  

Sculptures and bas-relief in outdoor media: concrete, metals, mosaics and ceramics.