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Chasity Porter

Houston, TX 77489, U.S.A.
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Chasity Porter, born Chasity Sophus, is a mixed-media artist with a concentration in collage, design, and assemblage. She earned her BFA in Applied Design and Visual Arts from University of Houston Clear Lake. Chasity’s work has been locally, as well as internationally exhibited. She is a wife and a mother who continues to live in Houston.

On the other side of the coin, Chasity is a self-willed, freethinking maniac with a penchant for rejecting predictability. Her work typically develops out of a personal, though sometimes fleeting, emotional response to any given stimulus. And while the result may take shape from various oddities, whether it is a reclaimed keepsake or a neglected treasure, gathering dust in the back of a resale shop, it will inevitably capture the goofy and quirky, fun-loving personality that is Chasity Porter.