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Billy Criswell

622 N. Orange Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90036, U.S.A.
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Phone: 323-448-4716

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 I approach my work primarily from a place of intuition.

This induces an experiential process that demands continual exploration and self-examination, as well as a constant learning and refining of various sculpting and painting techniques. As I construct and then deconstruct my work, there is a distinct parallel to my thought process that relates to what form, shape, and colors my imagery will take.

The imagery explored in my “Jump” series, whether it be two or three dimensional, utilizes geometric abstraction and color juxtapositions, with the forms making symmetrical compositions that are hard-edged with finite, flat, and autonomous shapes, and the colors running from highly saturated to quieter palettes. This exploration of light, color, and space invokes a sense of push/pull, implosion/explosion, and motion/counter-motion, challenging one’s perception.


By interweaving these two and three-dimensional platforms, a threshold is created through which the viewer is invited to enter and explore. It is during this period of engagement with the viewer that I create a transformational experience, one in which the viewer develops a new sense of awareness based on their own perception of the work.


In addition to using a design/build fabrication factory to transform certain visions into literal and conceptual large-scale sculptures, I intend to continue working with a variety of local manufacturers and artisans. My hope is that my work will continue to have enough significant merit to qualify as a scholarly and creative endeavor, and I'll be able to share my work with a broader network of collectors, galleries, public installations, and museums.