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Lisa Sanders

61 New Jersey Railroad Avenue #11
Newark, NJ 07105, U.S.A.
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My sculptures are 3 dimensional drawings.

I use form to express complex experiences and to make inert materials seem lifelike.  I use movement and stillness as a way to explore feeling.  Human bodies are fragile, vulnerable, as are my sculptures.

I start by whittling purchased wood into irregular sticks that have thus absorbed my energy and feeling.  Through this process the wood takes on individual characteristics and personality and sheds the mass-produced commercial quality.  It has been through a “civilizing” process at the lumber mill, and now I bring it back to a wild state, which could be a metaphor for our lives.  We are born unformed (like a tree trunk just cut from the forest) and are shaped through education and socialization (being trimmed at the mill) and finally life gives us back some rough edges as traces of experiences we have endured.  Once the wood is conditioned, I combine it with other pieces of wood, using plaster cloth as the binding agent.  This allows me to work quickly and intuitively.  The plaster cloth that I use is also employed as casts for broken limbs, and I like this connotation that our experience of this material brings to my pieces.   Then they are cast in bronze.

My drawings are like my sculptures, expressions of feelings, experiences, moments in time.