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Kay Lawrence

PO Box 443
Brisbane, Queensland 4064, Australia
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Phone: +61419647055

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As a doctoral candidate at Queensland College of Art, Australia, my current research concerns how the visual and other sensual qualities of fibre and digital imagery can be used to address social, ecological and cultural issues of the 21st Century.

Working from an ecofeminist perspective, my work addresses the boundaries of nature and culture, developing parameters and perspectives that embrace fractures and dislocations of time/space continuum and the fragile and ephemeral nature of both life and time.

Our fragile natural environment hangs in precarious balance. Humanity is an active ecological agent impacting on this volatile situation, due to our overwhelming anthropomorphic-centric behaviours. In the 21st Century it is imperative that we critically evaluate the ways in which we interact with our planet and that the relationships between nature and culture be renegotiated.

 Fibre functions symbolically and metaphorically for the fragility and ephemerality of life and time. Textiles provide a critical connection with the body and also function as cultural signs in a language removed from the body, because of their omnipresence from birth. Textile objects readily evoke memories, past experiences, physical and cultural associations. This interconnectivity of memory and senses is exploited when textiles are utilised.

They consequently play a particularly powerful role in helping to contextualise objects and encourage viewer responses. The fragility of the materials alludes to the fragility of the natural environment.

Dislocations in the time/space continuum are suggested by fragments of digital imagery. This recontextualising brings new and shifting layers of content, perception and meaning to my art practice. 

Resume: KayLawrence  
PO Box 443, Paddington, Qld, Australia 4064
T:+61 419647055  E:


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2013                Re/cology, 943 Contemporary Yunnan, Kunming, China

2012                Re/claimations, Crane Arts Old School, Philadelphia, USA

2011                Re/formations, POP Gallery, Woolloongabba, Queensland

2010                Microcystis, Pickled Art Space, 798 Art District, Beijing

2009                Condishions, brunswick street gallery, Fitzroy, Victoria

2007                263 moments, TCB Gallery, Fortitude Valley, Queensland



2013                Down the Rabbit Hole, QCA, Southbank, USQ, Toowoomba

2013                Thoughts…that is, 8th International Biennial of Textile

 Miniatures,Vilnius Lithuania

2013                The Philadelphia Connection, POP@AFG, South Brisbane

2012                Positive Feedback Loop, Browning Street Studios, West End

2012                The Necessary Transition, Ship Inn, South Bank, Brisbane

2012                Transexpress, China, Russia via Trans Siberian railway

2012                Three Tonnes, Aimoto, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan

2012                Ton Ton / Knock Knock, 月夜と少年 (Tsukiyo to Syonen) Gallery, Osaka, Japan

2012                The Word Conterminous, Jugglers Art Space, Fortitude Valley, Queensland

2011                Teerk Roo Ra, POP Gallery, Woolloongabba

2011                Vanish/Survive, 7th International Biennial of Textile Miniatures,Vilnius Lithuania

2011                Beyond Visible, Jugglers Art Space, Fortitude Valley, Queensland

2011                Trans-Siberian Art Project, Russia, China

2011                The Clothespeg Project, Project Gallery Space @ ICAS Singapore

2011                PopStart, POP Gallery, Woolloongabba, Brisbane

2010                Belle Arti Chapman & Bailey Art Prize, Metro Arts, Brisbane.

2010                Fallout, Art Factory, South Brisbane

2010                Flower Power PS Gallery, Paddington, Brisbane

2010                Postcard Show, Linden Centre for Contemporary Arts, Melbourne

2009                Where ever you go there you are Queensland College of Art, Brisbane

2009                Intra-space, Project Gallery, Queensland College of Art, Brisbane

2009                Hashi Hashi, Galleria, Queensland College of Art, Brisbane

2009                Kodak Salon, CCP, Fitzroy, Melbourne

2009                Artworkers Prize, Metro Arts, Brisbane

2008                Planet Ueno, Sakamoto Elementary School, Tokyo

2008                Picture This, Brunswick Street Gallery, Fitzroy

2008       iBiennial of Contemporary Art 2008/2009

2008                Under the bed, Project Gallery, Queensland College of Art, Brisbane

2008                Art Brisbane, Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre

2008                2008 Churchie national emerging art exhibition finalist

2008                Unfolding, Project Gallery, Queensland College of Art, Brisbane

2008                De-Tourism, Brisbane City Council central library

2007                Mixed, Percolator Gallery, Paddington, Queensland

2007                Snap to Grid, Los Angeles Centre for Digital Art, Los Angeles

2007                Rockpool II,  In-transit gallery, Portside, Hamilton, Brisbane

2007                Rockpool, Project Gallery, Queensland College of Art,  Brisbane

2006                Fine Art Graduate Exhibition,Queensland College of Art,

2006                5x24 Hours, Project Gallery, Queensland College of Art, ,

2003                Archibelle Prize, Charles Ginn Gallery, Brisbane

1998                ‘Mortality, Mythology and the Metaphysical’, Verve Café, Metro Arts, Brisbane



2009                Hiromi Hotel, at the invitation of Hiromi Tango, Fresh Cut 2009

                         Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane.

2007                Mother Project, ARC Biennial, experimental, project with Hiromi

                        Tango, Natasha Cordasic, Claire Robertson, Brisbane

2007                Swell Sculpture Festival, (Sovereign Space), Currumbin, QLD

2006                Papyrus, Brisbane Writers Festival, Cultural Centre, Brisbane



2013                943 Contemporary Yunnan, Kunming, China

2012                SandAvinci School of Art & Design, Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka, Japan

2012                QCA Crane Arts, Philadelphia, USA

2010                Peel Island, Moreton Bay, Queensland, Australia

2010                Red Gate Residency, Beijing, China               

2008                Geidai University, Tokyo, Japan


Professional Experience

2013                Conference paper, Creativity and Innovation through Cross

                        Fertilisation, Griffith University, ‘ The Body Involved’

2012                Conference paper, Positive Feedback Loop: conference for creative

                        collaboration, Griffith University, ‘ Tenuous Couplings’

2012                Conference paper, QCA Postgraduate conference, Griffith University,

                        ‘Tenuous Couplings: a critical discussion’

2011                Conference paper, Cultural Research Symposium, Griffith University,

                        ‘Entangled Limbs: Echoic Connections’

2010                Conference paper, QCA, Griffith University – University of Newcastle,

                        Postgraduate Symposium: ‘The Role of the Studio’, QCA, Brisbane

2010                Conference paper, Oculus Visual Arts Postgraduate conference,

                        Christchurch, NZ

2011-2009       Volunteer gallery assistant, Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane

2009                Installation assistant Shih Chieh Huang Cubozoa-L-09, Brisbane

2009                Volunteer ARC Biennial, Brisbane

2008                Installation assistant, GOMA, Lee Mingwei, Guernica in sand Project

2007                Volunteer ARC Biennial, Brisbane

arts writing

2011                ‘Textiles: some visible and invisible connections in contemporary

                        visual art installation practice’, Oculus Postgraduate Journal for Visual

                        Arts Research, Issue No. 3, February 2011

2009                Presence and absence: things visible and invisible in the works of

                        Barth and Simryn Gill, Honours Thesis, 2009, QCA, Griffith University

2007                Catalogue essay, Mother project


publications/online press

2013                Down the Rabbit Hole, Queensland College of Art Griffith


2013                The Philadelphia Connection, Queensland College of Art Griffith


2012                Art in Vogue: 123 Art Connoisseurs, Petru A Russu (ed.), World of

                        Art Books, London.

2011                Recognising Teerk Roo Ra: The Teerk Roo Ra Artists’ Residencies

                        2011, Pat Hoffie,

                        Queensland College of Art, Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia

2010                Something to Do With Staples, Raumonline, Netherlands.

2010                Microcystis (Blue green algae) EcoArt Show, Greening the Beige,


2009                Wherever you go, there you are, Fine Art and Photography Honours

                        Exhibition catalogue, Queensland College of Art, Griffith University.

2009                Hashi Hashi, exhibition catalogue, collaboration with Geidai, Tokyo

                        University of the Arts

2008                Machinakaart 2008, Catalogue of collaboration and Planet   Ueno exhibition Queensland College of Art, Griffith University and                        Geidai, Tokyo University of the Arts

2008                Mother Project, catalogue

2008                ‘The Mother Project’, Holly Arden, Eyeline contemporary visual arts,Volume 66,p. 69.

2007                Rockpool II, exhibition catalogue

2006                A feline and a fallen tree, Fine Art Exhibition catalogue, Queensland College of Art, Griffith University.                  


2011                Griffith University Postgraduate Research Scholarship

2010                Diploma of Excellence (Honourable Award), iBiennial Contemporary Art

2009,2008,2006Griffith University, Griffith Award for Academic Excellence

2008                Griffith University study abroad grant 


Current            Confirmed Doctoral candidate, Queensland College of Art, Griffith University

2009                Bachelor of Fine Art with First Class Honours, Queensland College of Art, Griffith University

2007                Bachelor of Fine Art with majors in Sculpture and Intermedia, and Visual Culture, Queensland College of Art, Griffith University