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Gary Christopherson

E298 Cleveland Street
Nelson, WI 54756, U.S.A.
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Phone: 3013183760

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Thrive! Sculpture by GChris

Gary “Chris” Christopherson creates Thrive! abstract sculpture (e.g. mobiles and stabiles) under the signature GChris.  His primary artistic influence is Alexander Calder.  He is a self-taught sculptor who has been creating sculpture for over 30 years. 

GChris' abstract sculpture is mission-driven.  GChris sculpture supports our creating and sustaining large, positive change and achieving a thriving future. 

The GChris Sculpture working studio/gallery is now in Nelson, WI in an 1885 farmhouse and barn on 30 acre bluffside overlooking the Mississippi River. Previously, his studio/gallery was in University Park, MD and in Georgetown area of Washington, DC. 

Existing GChris sculptures number over 200 pieces and can be viewed at   GChris abstract sculptures incorporate natural materials - copper, stone and wood (primarily American black walnut) - as primary media.  Copper’s maturation takes each work through a living process.  Wood provides a warmth and texture.  Stone provides stability and presence.  Some sculptures live best indoor and others outdoor.  Scale ranges from a few inches to a dozen feet.  Some are best when suspended, some when standing and some when a combination of both. 

GChris sculptures are created from the most basic of elements. Lines represent beginning, negative, or threat. Curves represent change, transition, or evolution. Circles represent being, wholeness, or nothing. When these basic elements join and are in motion as mobiles and stabiles, they carry  messages of large, creative and sustainable change, an optimistic expression of the human condition, living in peace on and with the earth, and the driving mission of building a thriving future.

GChris sculptures are to be interacted with and "gently touched".  Some make sounds when moved by wind or people; some remain silent.  Some move physically; some move conceptually.  All generate shadows, a second image.  “Living” sculptures like these are at their best when people interact with them.  A sculpture’s “life” is best experienced when people touch it, watch the movement (actual or conceptual), see the shadow(s), and hear the sound (or experience its absence). 

In addition to creating sculpture, he wrote the science fiction novel -- black box, and the children's book -- Angel, Creator of Artful Things.  He also wrote a book about creating large, positive change and building a better, thriving future -- Thrive! - Building a Thriving Future

Beyond his sculpture and fiction writing, he works on national issues on health and human service strategy, policy, systems, models, performance, reform and management and on reducing vulnerability. Currently, he is developing strategy, management, policy and performance models and tools for creating, managing and sustaining large scale change and building a better and preferably thriving future. (  He has served in many senior leadership, management and policymaking positions, including with organizations with multi-billion dollar budgets and thousands of employees.  His major priority is and has been creating and sustaining large, positive, and timely change and helping build a better and thriving future.  His career includes:

·         Founder, "Thrive!", "HealthePeople - Building a Healthy and Thriving Future", "Vulnerable"

·         Acting Assistant Secretary and Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Health Affairs, DoD

·         Senior Advisor to Chief Operating Officer, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

·         Senior Advisor to Under Secretary for Health, Veterans Health Administration.

·         Associate Director, Office of Presidential Personnel, White House.

·         Senior Fellow / Scholar-in-Residence, Institute of Medicine, National Academy of Sciences 

·         Fellow, National Academy of Public Administration

·         Chief Information Officer, Veterans Health Administration

·         Director of Health Legislation, U.S. House Select Committee on Aging.