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Thea Cinnamon Macker

88 East Street
Upton, MA 01568, U.S.A.
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Phone: 5086345973

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 I am a professional portrait artist who has worked in all mediums: oil, pastel, charcoal, acrylic, and stained glass.  Eight years ago, I rediscovered water-based clay and there is no turning back.  This is the medium I am determined to master.  Clay feels positively natural in my hands as I am currently sculpting as many heads as possible.  I sculpt one of a kind pieces in clay which is fired and faux finished.  I invite students to take classes in my studio or observe my work.

Art has always been my passion and through my early years, it was my identity.  I was shy and felt invisible.  Art proved my existence.  It was my best friend that I took with me where ever I went.  Now we are old friends.  I do not feel more alive or more radiant with any other lover.
My family of origin could not weather the costs of a formal education, but I was given room and board while in vocational training in college.  My minor was art until I could get a full time job.  Once I graduated, I was able to study at various colleges while working full time.  I studied at Queensborough Community College, Queens College, Parsons School of Design and the Grand Central Art Academy.  I dedicated myself to be a regular artist at the open studio in Stony Brook University.  I have trained under two wonderful sculpture artists:  The late Richard McDermott Miller and the fabulous Philippe Faraut who is still having magnificent workshops to date.
After living in New York State my entire life, In 2011, my husband and I relocated to Massachusetts.  The transition to Upton, Massachusetts was easy because the rolling fields and wooded areas are reminiscent of my childhood home in the beautiful Catskill Mountains of upstate New York.