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Linda Leslie Brown

300 Summer St #66
Boston, MA 02210, U.S.A.
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Linda Leslie Brown

   Linda Leslie Brownʼs sculpture and installations reimagine the intersection of humans with nature.
The work is biased toward process: growth, change, and falling apart. Chimeric, both the word
itself and the installation, signals transformation and interdependence as symbiotic modes of
being joined with nature, in a world where many people imagine they are separate from it.
   The materials in her work include domestic objects retrieved from thrift stores and discards
harvested from our cultureʼs prodigious waste stream, relics from kitchens and bathrooms grafted
onto twisting woody branches. She is drawn to the incongruities while also hoping to partially
reconcile them, bringing the parts together in a humorous moment of becoming. The forms shift
away from fixed identification as natural or human-made and begin to communicate together
through gesture, shape and color.
   Visual movement and a vigorous tactility engage the body and the haptic sense. As one moves
around the works, they reveal rhythmic structures; clumps of quartz crystals are discovered
sprouting from their branched axillas. These pieces are literally alive, as habitats for growing
plants rooted and clinging to their surfaces. Umbilical swags of Spanish moss connect the works
in the installation to one another, to their smaller “young” versions and to the space they inhabit.
   Animal, vegetable and mineral, these works display a deceptive insouciance, undercut by the
strange hybridity they embody. They are chimeric: like mythological beasts or genetically
engineered mutations, they are “trans” beings. The artist says, “For me, these works are not
simply visual analogues. A residue of homely utility is embedded in their adapted object parts.
This carried life force resonates with my ongoing care for the growing plants and the energy fields
created by the clusters of quartz crystals, in a way that gives the work a sort of consciousness
and an experience in time.”
    Our relationship as humans to our environments, shared with countless other living beings, is
certainly changing. Today we often feel about nature the same way we feel about our own bodies:
there are waves of denial, disgust/disavowal, guilt, desire, and fear. We are surrounded with bioindicators
of displacement and damage to our changing earth. We often forget that we ourselves
are super biomes, teeming with a gigantic population of microbes who share our bodies with us,
demanding a re-thinking of the notions of community and co-existence on so many levels. Where
and how we live, the things we use and discard, the implications of biotechnology and the regard
we have for living energy: all are in question. The work here extends the dialogue, inviting
inquisitive examination and perhaps a deeper recognition.
    Linda Leslie Brownʼs recent work incorporates a variety of techniques, including sculpture, painting,
video/sound, and large scale digital photographic prints. Her work engages the interdependent relationshipbetween nature and human creative perception. Site-specific installations create habitat spaces made of wood, metal, paper and crystal occupied by living plants that attract and protect the energy of place.
   She has exhibited her work regionally and nationally. Recent exhibitions include the Danforth Museum of Art, Framingham MA, AMP Gallery, Provincetown MA, Bannister Gallery, Rhode Island College, Providence RI and Vessels Gallery, Boston MA. She is the recipient of grants and fellowship residencies from the St. Botolph Club Foundation, FPAC, Womenʼs Studio Center, Hambidge Center, and I-Park among others. Ms. Brown is a Professor and the Foundation Studio Program Director at NESAD, Suffolk University.

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Kingston Gallery
450 Harrison Ave. #43
Boston, MA 02118