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Rogelio Madero

Paris 1213
Torreon, Coahuila 27100, Mexico
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Phone: 9152276184

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For the last fifty-five years Madero has dedicated himself professionally to sculpture. While studying in California, Madero had much success designing jewelry; this led to his idea of creating large-scale jewelry. In fact, his work can be considered “jewelry for architecture.” His ample experience in design allows him to work in collaboration with architects and decorators to develop the ideal sculpture for the clients needs.


When he first started, most of his commissions were for realistic pieces. Madero is quite capable of producing work of this type, but he feels that it doesn’t challenge him. Nonetheless, his beginnings allowed him to experiment with impressionism, a figurative style that permits accentuation of certain characteristics in order to give each sculpture its own unique touch. Generally, he likes to create small format sculptures in an impressionist style and he prefers to work in abstract for large format pieces. Madero’s abstract sculptures are characterized by contrasts; smooth and polished areas combined with heavily texturized areas. Most of his work is produced through welding of different types of metals.