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Lauren Browning

9014 Saddle Trail
San Antonio, TX 78255, U.S.A.
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Phone: 210.394.9164

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Lauren Browning is a sculptor who works predominantly with stone, but also creates artwork in bronze, metal, and other media. Her sculptural designs are beautifully realized, highly refined and original, with strong flow, tension, and movement. The uniqueness of Lauren' fully three-dimensional designs may reflect her openness to discovering the essence and nuances of beauty in unlikely places. She's just as open to perceiving beauty in the random arrangement of sewage pipes piled together for a road construction project as she is to quietly discovering it in nature, where she often immerses herself. 
Born in Miami, Florida, Lauren moved to Austin,Texas, when she was nine. After high school, she explored spring-fed creeks in the Texas Hill Country and played guitar with friends for a few years before entering college. Lauren earned a Ph.D. in geology, and worked as a research geochemist on projects for NASA and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. In 2007, she turned her attention to the visual arts and began working full-time as a stone sculptor. She carves exotic stones to create intimate sculptures in her hill country studio surrounded by native plants and animals. She also sculpts massive boulders at a friend's bustling art studio in downtown San Antonio, Texas. Lauren frequently shares her love of art with other community members in local schools and organizations. 
Lauren Browning's seductively curving sculptures often evoke feelings of flowing water, animal forms, and joy. She draws heavily from both her strong analytical background and her creative mind to refine her designs, typically arranging a swarm of lines and curves together into intricately coherent patterns. Her sculptures appear in collections in Brazil and throughout the United States.
*Lauren Browning's work can be seen in the Texas Contemporary Artist Series group exhibit at the Institute of Texan Cultures Museum in San Antonio, Texas, which runs until October 26th, 2014. Please check her website for current news.*