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Samantha Russell

Minneapolis, MN 55403, U.S.A.
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 I seek the magic imbued in objects through a range of past personal interactions and what value is places on them. I focus on figural representations and bodily references in using various stages in figural completeness. My newest works have developed into figural representations without the figure being fully present. I seek to evoke empathetic responses to emotional queues and find the figure a valuable tool to that end. My figures, or lack of, stand in for the intangibles such as thoughts, ideas, experiences. I use domestic objects, shadows and silhouettes to capture moments that are recreated with fibers to capture the fleeting figures. My works recreate the bodies presence through it’s activities, movements and experiences. Processes, interactions and handwork are how I create my works and further the bodies experience I’m conveying. While creating my works the objects are imbued with the bodies essence and reflect the interactions. I work with materials that best convey the emotion or moment I am representing with particular interest in fibers.