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Hilde DeBruyne

3264 Cumming Road
Cumming, IA 50061, U.S.A.
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Phone: 515.7107982

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Born in Belgium to a family of artists, Hilde DeBruyne possesses the innate ability to transform clay into timeless works of art.  The daughter of sculptor Paul DeBruyne, her childhood home was a museum of artifacts spanning the globe from African masks to remnants of Gothic cathedrals. And so developed a love for meaningful and beautiful things. 


She studied Art History and Archeology at the University of Ghent. It became her passion.


Her rather abstract works reflect nature and the authenticity of the cycle of life.  Fragments of the feminine form emerge inspired by the simple and organic features of rock formations, pebbles, and weathered wood.


The essence of her work is felt in the touch and texture. Layers of slip, grog and clay with embedded marks, careless scratches and prominent lines adorn the exterior. Often there is a sharp contrast between smooth and rough surfaces, open and closed forms, perfection and imperfection celebrating the weathering of time.


Her artwork has been in public and private collections and international exhibits. She also designs artwork to be executed in metal or bronze.