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Lucia Nebel

Cra 12 #127B-39 Apt 401
none, , Venezuela
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Phone: 571 466 2451

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Looking for a balance with nature, today I discover myself in these ancestors, having arrived to me as a sacred element, giving me the richness within my forms, my threads, my textures, abstracting its golden coppers, its subdued colours, not only applied to its clays but to goldsmithery.

I walk with them, their suns, their moons, their sacred vases, their high mystic forms, complementing what I have abstracted from its forms. The colour, the lighting, the oxidation of time.

We look back and see the silent history, showing what we could have been. All that we do not value, we lose on the road.

Refraining from the past (the inspiration that attracts me), I receive this entire cultural legacy and transform it into my abstractions, thus transmitting to the world and creating awareness of the importance of recovering our traditions, of accomplishing a connection to the past.