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Ralph PÓquin

102 W. Cleveland St.
Spartanburg, SC 29301, U.S.A.
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Phone: 864-494-3478

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Art is a spiritual passage for me, able to connect subjects that appear to be unrelated.  Creating art is an all-engrossing mental and physical exercise, from concept to designing models to fabricating and casting molds to finishing each artwork.  In order to complete each piece, I continually search for the truth of material and the meaning of form, but sometimes the artwork itself takes the lead.

Often, inspiration is a mystery.  My head is constantly spinning with information absorbed from the outside world, but the nature of my work is always influenced by the very experience of creating art.  The underlying essence of my artwork relates to the concepts and forms of the “human condition”, and often encompasses numerous characteristics of the human experience.  It has led me to my current meaningful play on genetics.


My current series consists of meticulously fabricated organomorphic shapes that are a result of pausing to consider the interior of the human body and its connections to primordial forms of life.  Secondary concepts lie beneath the surface, stemming from a cocktail of diverse interests, including: composed sound, philosophy, faith, cosmology, and biotechnology.  These concepts are then shaken, poured, and iced down through my own personal absurdities, dreams and metaphors.