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Anne H. Curry

Newland End Lane, Arkesden
none, CB11 4HF, Venezuela
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Phone: 00 44 1799 550 368

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Anne Curry is a member  of the Royal British Society of Sculptors.

She discovered the power of sculpture while working on a doctorate in Egyptology at Oxford University. " I see in the sculpture of Ancient Egypt the perfect combination of material, line, volume and tension". Clean lines, pared down details and inner energy are the fundamental principles of her work.

She started sculpting in 1989 under the tuition of Rosemary Barnett, until recently Head of the Frink School of Figurative Sculpture in England. She was quickly recognised as an accomplished portrait sculptor at home and abroad. Her high profile commissions have included a bronze bust of Prime Minister John Major for the House of Commons in London and a terracotta portrait of one of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II grand children.

Having created an exceptional garden our of bare fields in East Anglia, Anne has all along been fascinated by the development of natural forms and their patterns. The curves, spirals of growth, the unfolding of leaves and flowers, the bursting of seed pods, all imply controlled movement, a disciplined, mathematical progression and contained power. This close observation is at the core of her monumental sculpture.

Working on a large scale presents an array of challenges. Anne uses a technique involving the hot carving of vast blocks of polystyrene . She works in an old military hangar, an ideal place to deal with the noxious fumes and dust created during the carving process. The sculpture is then moulded and cast in resin or bronze.

These large sculptures have been exhibited in several great gardens of England as well as in France and the Netherlands.

Details of Anne's biography, exhibitions and commissions can be seen on her website: