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Jan Kirsh

7156 Cooper Point Road
Bozman, MD 21612, U.S.A.
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Phone: 410-745-5252     Fax: 410-745-6425

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 When I take time to look closely at the natural forms around me, I am inspired to capture that vitality in my art. Like people and plants, my fruit and vegetable sculptures are alive with possibility.  Their personalities are powerful.  They want to jump up and run around the studio, or settle in for a quiet conversation.

Sculpted in oil-based clay, the pieces are further refined, then cast, and ultimately fabricated in materials suitable for indoor or outdoor display. Scanning and modeling technologies allow them to be made in bronze, resin, fiberglass, coated-urethane, and stone – and in virtually any size.

My work reflects the intimate wonder of nature. It is about joy and expression. It is about relationships. Allow the exuberant, sometimes sensuous shapes to reach out and spark your imagination.