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John Baun

148 Highland Avenue
Buffalo, NY 14222, U.S.A.
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Phone: 716-308-8380

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My works are a contemporary reflection of fragments of my experiences, or a solution to a problem, which have been reduced to the most basic elements as I envision them in wood. Through these basics elements I try to touch a feeling or experiences in the viewer and elicit emotions in them.


I use a variety of materials in my work with the foundational framework being that of wood. The materials, such as paint and gold leaf, along with techniques such a carving and turning, are dictated by the feeling or emotion that I want to evoke to transcend the piece.


While I have some thematic consistency between different items, each item of my work stands alone. Although they may be related through similar composure of materials, my work is unique unto itself. If the viewer discerns a theme within their mind’s eye between different works then the viewer has added an individual and special element to these works for themselves.