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Lynne Todaro

Santa Cruz, CA 95062, U.S.A.
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 Artist’s Statement and Biography

A successful work of art must be satisfying visually, emotionally, and intellectually.
Different themes spiral in and out of my artwork and are later revisited. A unifying theme
is the survival of the human spirit. I believe a sense of humor is an important survival
tool. My work is personal, sometimes autobiographical.
Some artists travel to exotic places for inspiration. My artwork comes from observing
things in the everyday world. Perhaps it may lead the viewer to a different awareness.
I started making sculpture in the 1980’s while studying graphic design in the Dallas, TX
area and changed my major to Fine Arts. I attended the San Francisco Art Institute,
where I received a Master’s degree in Sculpture. In college I worked as an appliance
repair technician. Currently, I teach art classes including Metalsmithing, Furniture Design
and Sculpture at Mission College in Santa Clara. My studio is at the Tannery Art Center in Santa Cruz.