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James Ellingboe

Seattle, WA 98133, U.S.A.
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I build things. For as long as I can remember, I have always built things…

James Ellingboe is an emerging artist with extensive experience in giving form to the built environment. Throughout his career as a landscape & urban designer, he has played integral roles in the design, management, and construction of projects ranging from private estates to single-family homes, and from public parks to campus plans and urban streetscapes.

After graduating from the School of Architecture and Allied Arts at the University of Oregon, he moved to Seattle, Washington where he continued his natural explorations throughout Puget Sound Country and the Cascades and Olympic mountains. Eventually he attended the College of the Built Environments at the University of Washington where he obtained a graduate degree in landscape architecture and urban design.

His sculptural works are primarily direct in nature and are often abstract manifestations inspired by math, science, and his life experience with the natural world. He often looks to the human body at the molecular and cellular level as an artistic muse. He is a firm believer of artist as master of their medium and thus fabricates his own work at the studios of the Pratt Fine Arts Center in Seattle. Being a life-learner, James is constantly seeking new ways to manipulate materials in order to give form to his ideas. He considers himself to be both self-taught in the discipline of sculpture, and educated by the fellow artists he works and studies with at The Pratt Fine Arts Center.