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Kevin Box

3453 State Hwy 14 N
Cerrillos, NM 87010, U.S.A.
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Phone: 505-471-4688

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Artist’s Statement

My work celebrates the delicate nature of paper in museum quality metal. I began my career as a papermaker, printmaker and graphic designer. The passion I have for paper, the ideas, philosophy and history it has captured for centuries, continued with me when I transitioned into sculpture. How to capture those qualities in sculptural form presented a challenge. While most of my peers were sculpting in clay and casting it into dark, heavy metal objects, I was inspired to do something different. By experimenting directly with paper and wax and working in a lost wax foundry for several years, I developed an “organic burnout” process specifically for paper that captures all of its intimate details. The technique took me two years of tireless experimentation to develop and seven years to perfect. In the beginning, I had to do every exhausting step of the process on every piece.

Today, I still begin every piece with a blank sheet of paper and manage it through the 35-step, 12-week process of casting with the help of fine art foundry teams. Pieces are cast in bronze, aluminum or stainless steel depending on the design requirements. Bronze for its ability to capture detail, aluminum for its light weight, and stainless steel for its strength. The results are unique or limited edition castings, forged by hand and completed with finishes that return it to the look of the original paper.

Many of the works are designed to withstand the outdoors, the test of time, as well as fingertips. Please touch; I invite you to explore the work in its physical form. Be touched; I invite you to discover the meaning of the work, the stories and ideas beneath its surface.

Origami, paper planes, crumpled ideas and innovative abstraction are all themes that inform the surface of my work. Every piece has a title, a reason, and a purpose in contributing to the story I am telling beneath the surface. Motivating the content of the work are my concepts of truth, my philosophy of chaos and consciousness, creation and evolution, the process of creativity and our relationships and responsibilities to one another.

Kevin Box